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How Long Does It Take To Beat Kirby And The Forgotten Lands?

30 years after the character's debut on the Nintendo Game Boy, the loveable pink Kirby has continued to go strong. Since its first game, "Kirby's Dream Land", released in 1992, the "Kirby" series has become one of Nintendo's flagship series along with heavy hitters such as "Mario", "The Legend of Zelda", and "Metroid," among others, producing many games, including spin-offs. Four years after its latest mainline entry, "Kirby Star Allies," Nintendo has released the latest chapter in Kirby's fun and endearing story — "Kirby and the Forgotten Land."


Boasting brand new features such as the all-new "Mouthful Mode" — a hilarious new take on Kirby's affinity for swallowing terrible things — "Kirby and the Forgotten Land" sees the pink power absorber venture to a Forgotten Land as he attempts to rescue the Waddle Dees from the Beast Pack, a collection of hostile  (but adorable) enemies from a mysterious realm. But how long does it take to guide Kirby through the Forgotten Land and liberate the Waddle Dees from danger? Here's how long it will take players to complete "Kirby and the Forgotten Land."

How long does it take to beat Kirby and the Forgotten Land?

For those wishing to breeze through the main story in "Kirby and the Forgotten Land" at a brisk pace, there's good news — the game isn't very long. According to Morgan Shaver of Shack News, it shouldn't take players any more than 10 hours to complete the main story experience. "Each stage is replayable and can be tackled in anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes on average, as can the boss battles at the end of each world," Shaver said in her review. "If you want to breeze your way through the game, you can complete it in as little as 8 hours, with an average completion time closer to 10 hours." Game8 also theorized that it would take players about 8-10 hours to complete "Kirby and the Forgotten Land" should gamers keep their playthrough on a tight rail, but that players could extend their playtime up to 15-20 hours by seeking out collectibles and going for 100% completion.


In her review for Shack News, Shaver went on to say that completing "Kirby and the Forgotten Land" also gives players access to a New Game Plus, which could buff one's time spent with the game. Chris Carter of Destructoid said that players will also prolong their playthrough by trying to do absolutely everything and said, "If you try and do everything: as in finish all the evolutions, get every gacha toy, and save every Waddle Dee, it could take up a good chunk of time."