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Sonic The Hedgehog Finally Dashes Into Elden Ring

Now that "Elden Ring" has finally been released — to critic and fan praise — players are taking the time to uncover all of the title's hidden secrets and legendary armaments. While some players have set to work proving why it's actually beneficial to kill traveling merchants, finding ultra-hidden walls, or detailing some of the trickier NPC quests in the game, other players have sunk their teeth into the multiplayer offerings. 

Like predecessors "Dark Souls" and "Bloodborne," players can invade each other's games and wreak havoc. However, in "Elden Ring" there's a twist: players can only be invaded if they've already summoned another player to cooperate. That said, players can also summon an aggressor to go one on one if they don't want to deal with the whole invasion aspect of multiplayer.

While much of how multiplayer works in "Elden Ring" remains intact from how things worked in previous FromSoftware games, players are still figuring out the best builds to bring into the fray. Some players opt for weapons that douse opponents with status effects, while others go for something big and heavy that'll stun in addition to deal damage. It seems like a couple of players have figured out the real power play in "Elden Ring" PvP, and it has them channeling "Sonic the Hedgehog." Here's how Sonic is dashing his way into "Elden Ring."

This Ash Of War Turns Elden Ring Players Into Sonic

It seems YouTuber Marco Yolo was the first to discover the strength of becoming Sonic in "Elden Ring." Showcased in a short YouTube video shared by the creator, viewers can witness just how powerful Marco Yolo's Sonic build can be. The key to Marco Yolo's build is the "Lightning Ram" Ash of War. Once applied to an armament, it allows players to use the Lightning Ram skill in addition to providing the usual stat augments to weapons. The skill itself only costs a measly 5 FP and allows the user to roll forward while doused with crackling, damage-dealing electricity, just like the Blue Blur himself.

It proves to be a two-part problem for those defending against Sonic's tactics in "Elden Ring." For one, most players likely expect opponents to start off their bouts at a distance, prepping with spells or items before starting the battle — not immediately running in and rolling through any attacks. Secondly, not only does "Lightning Ram" have an incredibly fast cast time, but it can also be repeatedly used to leave defenders locked in stagger animations.

While Marco Yolo and their hilariously terrifying Sonic-themed character may look like a joke, the "Elden Ring" community is quickly realizing how strong the build can be. For now, it seems "Elden Ring" PvP players are in for the mother of all Sonic battles — until another player discovers a new way to shake up PvP.