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The Actress Who Plays Jack In Mass Effect Is Gorgeous In Real Life

It's no surprise to fans that the world of "Mass Effect" is a slightly terrifying one. There is a constant sense of dread as impending doom lingers in the air. The story takes place in a universe where every 50,000 years, a race of machines invades the galaxy and destroys all forms of life and civilization, only leaving behind the ruins. At the beginning of the series, other characters are not so sure that this story is true. However, in "Mass Effect," players play as Commander Shepard, who does believe in the 50,000-year cycle and will do what it takes to stop it.


The first game was released in 2007 and spawned multiple sequels, so fans have had much time to learn about their favorite characters, such as Jack, who debuted in 2010's "Mass Effect 2." Yet, there is still one thing about Jack that fans may not know. Since this is a video game, fans have connected with the on-screen digital character, but not necessarily the voice behind her. As it turns out, the voice actor for Jack is a gorgeous and talented actress in real life.

Jack is voiced by Courtenay Taylor

Jack is voiced by the very beautiful and accomplished Courtenay Taylor. The actress has an impressive list of over 200 acting credits on IMDb including live-action, animation, and, of course, video games. She started her acting journey back in the '90s with her first credit being 1993's "Golden Gate." She took an almost decade-long acting pause before returning to acting with her first video game role in 2002 with "Star Trek: Starfleet Command III." Following that, her career really took flight as she starred in numerous projects throughout the 2000s. Taylor has had the pleasure of starring in multiple fan-favorite projects such as the 2004 video game "Van Helsing," "World of Warcraft," "WALL•E," and "iCarly" as Judge Marla in the episode "iCook."


During the 2010s, Taylor's repertoire kept on growing as she found herself in new roles in various franchises. Right off the bat, in 2010 alone she loaned her talents to "Halo: Reach," "Wizards of Waverly Place," and, to no one's surprise, "Mass Effect 2." From there, she continued to find herself in all the best places, acting in projects like "The Last of Us," "Regular Show," "2 Broke Girls," and multiple "Resident Evil" games throughout the 2010s. Taylor is an extremely talented actress with an insane list of work, and there should still be many roles to come.