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The Ghosts In Pac-Man Aren't Really Ghosts. Here's Proof

As part of the most iconic and valued gaming franchise in the world, the ghosts of "Pac-Man" are pretty well-known. Despite looking similar, there are a surprising number of differences between them, especially considering the game came out in 1980, when video games weren't the complex programs they are today. Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde have plenty of secrets, but one of the most interesting ones is the fact that they're not really ghosts.


Despite looking like your standard ghost, they're actually a bit more ... terrifying. Twitter user LuckiiBean posted an image from "Pac-Man" of Blinky unmasking itself and coming out from under its red sheet. The "ghost" emerged with two legs, an oval body, and two eyes that sat on top of the oval. A bit creepy and bug-like, but definitely not a ghost. The user asked if "Namco ever explain[ed]" the creepy creature. While there's not an official explanation, some of the images do appear in the game itself.

The truth about Pac-Man's ghosts

Many users commented that the creatures were never ghosts, since the first arcade had clear sequences of them climbing out of their disguises. However, players had to get to the second and third cutscenes of the original game to see the creatures, which isn't exactly easy to do. Luckily, you can easily view the scene on YouTube if you don't have the ability to beat "Pac-Man."


Blinky gets caught chasing Pac-Man in the second cutscene and its costume rips off, which leads to the reveal of its true body. In the third cutscene, it's seen again with the costume half off and the upper part of its body exposed and crawling on the ground.

It's not clear what the "ghosts" are supposed to be, but it's enough to know that the odd image Is actually included in the game, and that it's not a Twitter hoax or mass hallucination. Many strange things inspired Pac-Man, and maybe one day fans will learn what the truth behind the "ghosts" is.