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How To Beat Elden Ring's Fire Giant

It's no secret that "Elden Ring" is a difficult game. It's a spiritual successor to the infamously difficult "Dark Souls" series, after all. Between scary enemies and boss fights that can take you out with ease, there's no shortage of challenges.

One of these seemingly impossible fights is with the Fire Giant. The enemy is found at the appropriately-named Mountaintops of the Giants, and you'll have to beat it in order to progress to the next area of the Lands Between. However, the giant's attacks are incredibly punishing, especially for certain character builds in the game.

But while the Fire Giant can be incredibly frustrating, there are actually a few tips and tricks that can help you get through the battle with all of your limbs intact. In fact, the horrifying boss can actually be defeated quite easily in a method similar to the one players have started using against other massive monsters, like the Stormgate Troll. Just like that early rune farm, this boss can be cheesed.

The downside of being a giant

When it comes to taking care of the Fire Giant, there's one important thing to remember: You need stay under its legs or slightly behind it, if you can maneuver your way there. As Reddit user PsychonauticalRaz explained, this placement works well for both phases of the battle. It's also a very good strategy to keep in mind for all of the game's larger humanoid monsters.

YouTuber Tyrannicon also has shown viewers a surefire way to cheese the Fire Giant. To do so, you'll need to enter the battle area and then immediately jump back out of it by going to the left and utilizing your steed's double jump. Stick to the right of the screen and lure the Fire Giant over to a nearby cliff, where you're out of range of its attacks — just make sure to keep the Fire Giant focused and angry so he comes after you. 

While you can safely attack and whittle the creature's health down a little bit at a time from this spot, you can do it much quicker by using the Seppuku Ash of War and Pulley Crossbow. Following Tyrannicon's strategy will trigger a glitch: While inflicting blood loss on yourself and quickly switching to your crossbow, you'll gain increased attack power. 

Once the Fire Giant enters phase two of the battle, you'll be teleported back into the boss fight area. Simply follow the same steps to get slightly out of his reach and finish him off.