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These Are The Most Dangerous Animals In Rust

When it comes to popular survival games, "Rust" is one that's at the top of the list. After the nearly-dead game was given a second chance at life by the members of Offline TV, it rose through the Steam charts and quickly became a popular title. It wasn't just OTV that got the ball rolling on "Rust," either – popular streamer Shroud also argued that the real reason "Rust" grew so popular was that there wasn't anything else worth playing  in the 2021 market. The gaming industry was riddled with delays due to the coronavirus pandemic, so older games had time to shine and capture players' imaginations.

If you're just jumping into "Rust," then there are a few things you should know about the survival game, which can be way more intense than you might expect. Between expensive skins and players that are constantly ready to ambush you when you enter the server, the game can be a bit frustrating. Another thing that isn't helpful is the fact that the animals of the world can be quite dangerous.

Beware the bears

Just like in the real world, bears can be quite the terrifying opponent in "Rust." Not only are they fast, tank-like killing machines, the animals also inflict bleeding damage with their heavy-hitting attacks. However, if you can take one down, you can harvest a ton of valuable resources, including 100 pieces of Leather and 100 Bone Fragments.

If you're struggling to take a bear down, keep in mind that you're pretty safe on platforms. As long as you have some type of ranged weapon, whether that's a bow or even a spear, then you can attack one safely from higher ground. YouTuber Keyworth showed off this tactic with a unique twist that combined attacking from a platform with dropping a rock and letting the bear basically get stuck on it.

Unfortunately for players who've conquered their bear-related fears, there has been talk about a new type of bear being introduced to the game at some point in 2022. As "Rust" developers celebrated a successful 2021, the team also announced that an arctic area would be added to the game. New animals were mentioned in passing, but a picture of a polar bear in the blog post made it pretty clear that the bears in "Rust" might be getting a deadly new friend.

Boars are scarier than they look

When it comes to foraging for food in "Rust," boars are often considered an easy target, since they don't have too much health and they drop a good bit of materials. They're not exactly fast, and most of them will run away from the player when they're approached. However, they're not always the friendly, docile pigs that they appear to be.

If you've ever seen a wild boar in the real world, you probably know just how dangerous they can be. They're known for charging people with their incredibly destructive tusks (per Restless Backpacker). In "Rust," boars can do the same thing, attacking your character and causing major damage if you're not super stealthy. As an example, YouTuber Colonel_UnderPants uploaded a video of a boar attack, and the boar in the clip almost kills their character in just a few seconds. They're not on the level of the bear in terms of danger, but they can definitely take down an unsuspecting player with ease.

Wolves will take you (and your enemies) out

Last but not least, the wolf is a chaotic force to be reckoned with in "Rust." Again, this is another animal that can be incredibly dangerous in real life as well. In "Rust," an encounter with a wolf can be disastrous since they can attack from pretty far away and hit pretty hard. Luckily, they don't have too much health, so they can be taken down quite easily — if you're quick enough to get your hits in first.

If something about killing the wolves doesn't sit right with you, you can actually use them to your advantage. One YouTuber, Frost, explained how the wolves can be "tamed." By damaging a wolf and making your way to an elevated surface, you can safely keep one by you. If any other players approach you and you can injure them with a ranged weapon, then the wolf will go after them instead.