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Why Loop Hero's Developers Want Some Players To Pirate The Game

While piracy and video games are two topics that have historically gone hand-in-hand, it's typically not too common for a developer to actually condone players obtaining pirated copies of their product — let alone advocate for it. However that's the case unfolding with "Loop Hero" developer Four Quarters. 

"Loop Hero" is an excellent roguelike that challenges players to create a loop full of dangerous foes for their character to repeatedly traverse as they acquire new gear, learn new skills and eventually take on boss encounters. The title won fans over with gameplay that is both rewarding and doesn't require steep commitment, quickly garnering praise from critics and players.

Now, Four Quarters is actually advocating for some of its fans to obtain the game through less than legal means — but likely not for the reasons one might think. Four Quarters isn't attempting a publicity stunt or trying to appear edgy and cool by condoning game piracy; it's a decision made from the bottom of the team's heart.

It's Not A Good Time For Russian Gamers

Amid the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine (following Russia's military invasion of Ukraine) a series of sanctions have been dealt out against Russia. While the economic restrictions countries are leveraging on Russia are aimed at making it difficult for leaders to continue its unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, there are plenty caught on the sidelines who aren't involved. Among many other civilians, Russian gamers have felt the brunt of some of the sanctions, as digital storefronts and other accessible means of playing video games have become inaccessible.

Thankfully, it appears Four Quarters (a Russian developer) isn't ignorant to this growing issue for Russian gamers and took some time to respond to fans on Russian social media platform VK. Four Quarters openly encouraged Russian fans to obtain the game through torrents and even provided a link for where players could find the game. Fans were overjoyed by the response and some had even offered to donate the cost of the game to the developers — considering the aforementioned sanctions also make it impossible for Russian devs to cash out on their title's earnings — but Four Quarters politely declined (per Vice).

Four Quarters values fans' well being over money, as made clear by another post after fans continued trying to pay for copies of "Loop Hero. The developer said, "We are very grateful for your support, but the truth is that everything is fine with us. Send this support to your family and friends at this difficult time."