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Elden Ring: How To Solve The Stargazers' Ruins Puzzle

There's no shortage of interesting and confusing things in the critically-acclaimed "Elden Ring." While Nintendo players are wanting to know if the game will ever come to the Switch, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation gamers are having the time of their lives traversing the world of the Lands Between. The game, which is a "Dark Souls"-esque title, doesn't try to hold your hand at all. Some players are even getting obliterated by dogs. This has led to Tarnished trying everything possible in order to find the best way around the world and its crazy bosses, including some bizarre character builds.

However, not everything in the game can be solved through builds, stats, or brute force. There are plenty of puzzles in the game, like the Carian Study Hall Pedestal puzzle, that require a bit more brainpower than other parts of the game. These puzzles can be incredibly difficult and can have almost no real hints.

The Stargazers' Ruins puzzle is one of these puzzles. Located at the Mountaintops of the Giants, you'll need to open a sealed door by helping a large jellyfish find its sister. Here's how you can help the creature and complete the puzzle.

The Jellyfish Spirit Ashes

YouTuber SweetJohnnyCage walked viewers through the process, and it's a lot easier to do once you know how to solve the puzzle. All you have to do is use Jellyfish Spirit Ashes to summon a jellyfish, which so happens to be the large jellyfish's sister.

If you don't have the Jellyfish Spirit Ashes, you can get them fairly easily. Talk to Roderika at the Roundtable Hold and she'll give you the Jellyfish Spirit Ash to watch over. Because of how easy it is to get, you may already have it in your inventory — you can even use it prior to finishing the puzzle as a type of summon. If you were using the Jellyfish Spirit Ashes to help you in battle, then don't fret. When the puzzle is solved, you won't lose the ability to summon the jellyfish.

Once the jellyfish have disappeared, you'll be able to open the door at the bottom of the staircase and access the rewards chest. In there, you'll find the Primal Glintstone Blade as well as unlocking the Fancy Spin gesture.