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Modern Warfare 3 Hid This Dr Disrespect Easter Egg For 10 Years

It's not uncommon to find brilliant Easter eggs hidden in games. These fun tidbits sometimes reference other games or world events, and serve as a point of pride for the players that can sus them out of hiding. That being said, Easter eggs can be difficult to find, and some aren't even found until years after a game's release. After all, the chase is what makes finding them all the more rewarding. For example, one Sega Easter egg featuring rival developer Nintendo's mascot, Mario, took over two decades for gamers to find. Now, a new secret is making its way around the internet, this time involving one of the biggest streamers in the game.

Twitch streamer and "Call of Duty" news source Modern Warzone shared that they found a reference to Dr Disrespect in "Modern Warfare 3," which was released all the way back in 2011. In a tweet, they explained that they hadn't seen the Easter egg anywhere else online, and couldn't find a record of anyone discussing it. There are few things more exciting than discovering something for the first time, even if that something is in a video game, so Modern Warzone shared their finding online, where other gamers felt initially confused about the hidden Easter egg. After all, it was posted on a day best known for pranks.

Who is Guy Beahm, anyway?

First, it should be noted that this Dr Disrespect Easter egg is unmistakable. Modern Warzone's video clip showed a bookshelf in "Modern Warfare 3," teeming with titles, many of which appeared to have similar covers. In the middle of the display, with its cover facing outward, sat a book with a dark circle wearing sunglasses and a large, flowing mustache. The author listed on the front of the book? "Guy Beahm."

And who is Guy Beahm? Well, he's Dr Disrespect, although his streaming alter ego is more of a persona he uses to draw in fans. In reality, Beahm seems to be a normal person, and he even has a Twitter account to acknowledge his actual life. While Beahm does retweet his announcements from his Dr Disrespect account, he also shares his thoughts on game design without the added filter of being the two-time back-to-back Blockbuster 1993-1994 video game champion. Of course, since his Dr Disrespect channel took off, he hasn't posted as much on his alternate account, instead dipping into his online persona more frequently.

Before his life as a viral internet sensation, Beahm worked as a game developer. His Twitter bio describes him as a "Former Multiplayer Level Designer for Call of Duty" and an "advisor with Boom.TV," a platform for esports players. Before becoming Dr Disrespect, Beahm actually worked on "Modern Warfare 3," and seems to have included an homage to himself in the process. Of course, not everyone believed the book was real.

The clip was not a joke

Modern Warzone unfortunately shared their find on April 1, or April Fool's Day, leading some readers to believe that the Dr Disrespect themed Easter egg was a hoax. One commenter asked Modern Warzone if the video was an April Fool's Day prank, but Modern Warzone replied to say that editing that clip was beyond their abilities.

Other gamers were quick to share that Beahm had a former life as a game developer. One reply explained, "He was there [at Activision] for all the legendary games. Why do you think he loses his mind about Battle Royale games have horrible sound registration. Ladders, up or down between floors. Cause he knows." While it's true that Dr Disrespect criticizes battle royale titles harshly, it's entirely possible that these complaints come from experience in the gaming industry and the knowledge that developers can – and should – do better.

While Dr Disrespect hasn't commented on the find, he did retweet Modern Warzone's Easter egg post. Modern Warzone's clip was backed up by another gamer, who verified that the location – and Guy Beahm-branded book – actually exist in "Modern Warfare 3." They also noted that it's "Kind of fun to see that the Doc had this whole DrDisrespect character all planned out for a good six or so years before he made his debut." The book is proof that Beahm was thinking about his streaming persona, crafting an image and a brand before ever hopping on a Twitch stream.

Dr Disrespect continues to be successful on YouTube Gaming, where he recently announced his game studio's new project, a futuristic battle royale that caused an uproar with fans after he announced it would include NFTs.