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Elden Ring: The Hidden Alternate Use For Margit's Shackle

It seems as though players will continue making new discoveries in "Elden Ring" for the rest of time. One of the latest discoveries concerns an alternate use for an item previously only used to help out in a boss fight. Now, players are using this item to discover secret walls and help them survive traps while exploring the many smaller dungeons across "Elden Ring." While some secrets in "Elden Ring" ask you to fight your urges — like not killing merchants for free stuff — this one asks you to embrace the desire to try using an item constantly. And considering there is literally a wall in this game that take 50 hits to break, this item is definitely going to come in handy.


The item in question is Margit's Shackle, which is typically used to help out during the Margit boss fight. Basically, when you activate the item in the fight, it will briefly stun Margit and stop him from moving. However, it continues to be useful long after Margit is dead and gone.

Margit's shackle has several amazing functions

As discovered by Reddit user NateThePunk2, Margit's shackle can find illusory walls and disable fire traps within a certain range when used. This means that this item is very useful for smaller dungeons and catacombs throughout the game. While finding illusory walls isn't too difficult — especially with other players leaving messages strewn about the map — being able to disable fire traps while safely out of range will save players a few healing flasks and possibly even deaths.


One commenter theorized that Margit's (and later Mohg's) Shackle must send out a shockwave when used, stunning those specific enemies when it reaches them. That same shockwave must be registering as hitting the fake walls and fire traps when activated. While this item was already a must-have to make the Margit fight much easier, its other uses might be even more important. If you haven't tracked down Margit's Shackle just yet, go find Patches in Limgrave and follow his questline.