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Elden Ring: How To Beat Putrid Avatar

"Elden Ring" is home to many devious foes — some demi god bosses, and others pesky reoccurring tricksters from other FromSoftware titles. While players and critics alike have fallen in love with "Elden Ring," it can be universally agreed that the title won't hold a player's hand. Death will come fast and often in the Lands Between — unless you're aspiring to wow others with a perfect run — but that's just the name of the game. That said, there are few things worse than running into a fight, thinking you know what to expect, only to be schooled by a walking tree.

There's a variation of mini-boss in "Elden Ring" known as the Putrid Avatar, and though players will square off against more than one during their adventure, this corrupted mess of branches and bark can really wallop unexpecting players. Thankfully, there are a few key tips that will make players' efforts go all the further. Here's what players will need to know to go toe to root with the Putrid Avatar bosses and come out on top.

Putrid Avatar Has Big Attacks But They're Easily Avoidable

Some may find themselves demoralized after their first attempt against a Putrid Avatar comes crumbling down when the foe crushes them with its enormous staff, but with a little practice players will find each of the enemy's attacks are heavily telegraphed. For the most part, a Putrid Avatar will offer a bit of a wind up before delivering any of its attacks. 

If players see the foe jump into the air, they should create some distance or quickly get behind the Putrid Avatar. One of the two variations for the slam that follows isn't too much of a threat, the other leaves scarlet rot puddles around the boss and should be avoided at all costs. As Obsoleek notes, for the staff slam, a simple (properly timed) roll to the right will avoid the initial attack and any potential follow-up swing, leaving the Avatar open for some attacks. Finally, the beast can summon a series of magic missiles, telegraphed by turning its staff around and slamming the head into the ground, and these can be easily avoided by running in a single direction until all the projectiles miss. 

Putrid Avatars Are Super Weak To Fire

While knowing how to avoid a Putrid Avatar's biggest attacks will keep players from meeting a swift grave, they'll still need to muster the skill to slay the mini-bosses. The single-best tool a player can bring to the fight is fire, regardless of whether a character is a melee fighter or a ranged aggressor. With an absorption rating of -100, any fire damage dealt to a Putrid Avatar will be doubly effective.

Those rushing in with melee weapons should make use of Fire Grease and a cheeky Fire Pot any time an opportunity arises. As Obl1v1on demonstrates in a playthrough video, constantly rotating 45 degrees around the boss will often put characters behind the Putrid Avatar and in a position to land a couple of high-powered jump attacks. Putrid Avatars can be stance broken, so it's only a matter of time before melee users break the mini-boss' stance and open it up for a critical attack.

Spellcasters will similarly want to use any fire (or even better, Black Flame) magic they have available, while other ranged fighters should employ fire arrows or crossbow bolts. Fextralife recommends the help of a Sprit Ash summon can really take the pressure off, but either way keeping distance will be the key to victory.