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Kingdom Hearts Fans Just Got The Best News

The "Kingdom Hearts" series is far from over. Square Enix has just revealed that it plans to celebrate the beloved franchise's 20th anniversary in style, announcing two brand new games.The big headline from Square Enix's latest presentation is the unveiling of the first "Kingdom Hearts 4" trailer. 


The brief teaser shows off a surprising new art direction for the series, which seems to be embracing a more grounded, realistic style in the vein of "Final Fantasy 15" and "Final Fantasy 7 Remake." Not to worry, though, because it looks like Sora and his Disney pals will still be facing down all kinds of supernatural threats, including some kind of giant creature in the middle of a city. Judging from the scale of the fight and the imposing enemy's demonic design, it's safe to say "Kingdom Hearts 4" will be providing more of the creepy moments the series has become known for. 

A press release from Square Enix describes the new game as still being in "early development," so it may be a while yet before fans learn which Disney worlds will be visited in the next mainline installment. The game will be partially set in a new metropolis called the Quadratum, where Sora will be introduced to a brand new character named Strelitzia. Beyond that, story details are scarce.


Square Enix also announced "Kingdom Hearts: Missing-Link," a mobile game that appears closer in art style to the previous games in the series. Most intriguingly, the publisher promises that the game "allows players to embark on adventures from the realm of Scala ad Caelum into the real world."

There's no word on a release window for "Kingdom Hearts 4" just yet, but "Missing-Link" will be receiving a closed beta test in specific regions later this year.