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Elden Ring: How To Get Soap And Why It's Important

"Elden Ring" contains tons of different items and consumables that are available to the player for a multitude of purposes. Many of these items are a bit vague in terms of naming, such as the Stanching Boluses which prevent the player from losing too much blood. Others are a bit more on the nose, like the Poison Grease which allows a player to coat their with poison. There are over 100 of these consumables, all of which differ in terms of how direct or flowery the names are.

And then there's soap. Yes, soap. Of all the different consumables in "Elden Ring," none are as descriptive as this, which is literally one of the cleansing bars typically used for human bathing. And as it turns out, soap quite useful when applied correctly and can greatly aid players in their playthrough. 

But how does one go about obtaining soap? And how can it most optimally assist you in your "Elden Ring" playthrough?

Soap can be crafted or bought

If you're the kind of Tarnished who prefers a DIY approach, forging your own consumables using materials picked up from slain foes, then you're in luck! Soap can be crafted in tandem with the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17], as well as two Melted Mushrooms

Though you'll need to purchase the Nomadic Warrior's Cookbook [17] from the Nomadic Merchant in Siofra River for about 1000 Runes, Melted Mushrooms can be found lying around in the Eternal City and by the Siofra River Well. Of course, any kind of crafting will be impossible in the rare case that you've skipped or otherwise missed speaking to Merchant Kalé at the beginning of the game. On the off chance you haven't spoken to Kalé, go find him in the Church of Elleh in Limgrave and purchase the Crafting Kit.

But what if crafting isn't really your thing and you'd rather just buy a bar of soap? Well, if need be, the Nomadic Merchants also carry pre-made soap on them for the price of 400 Runes. However, you're probably better off in the long run just buying the Cookbook and crafting your own — it'll save you money!

Players can carry up to 99 bars of soap on their person and can store up to 600, so feel free to craft to your heart's content for as long as you have ample space in your inventory.

Why is soap important?

So after going through the process of buying and scavenging the materials to make soap — or purchasing it — you're probably asking yourself why the consumable is so important in the first place. Throughout your journey in The Lands Between, your character will progressively become more covered in dirt and blood. Using soap is a great way to keep that cool armor set you've picked up looking clean and spotless, no matter how many enemies you fight.

Soap doesn't just offer your character a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, either, as it also has practical benefits. Soap can erase the effects of any kind of ailment your character may have sustained during their journey, such as Poison, that your clothes will continue to carry until cleaned. Soap is a great way of reducing the effects of these ailments, a;; without having to cast any spells or use more valuable consumables like Blouses.