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Borderlands Boss Randy Pitchford Buys Beloved Hollywood Landmark

Sometimes fans forget that there are real people behind the studios and publishers that create their favorite titles. While many of these individuals remain relatively out of the public's eye, some are drawn into the spotlight for one reason or another.  Thankfully, Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford – who founded and acts as CEO of the company – is getting recognition for a magical purchase that just made a specific community of onlookers very happy. Though some fans might hedge their bets on some kind of "Borderlands" news, Pitchford's latest purchase is actually all about family legacy.

Randy Pitchford just bought one of the most exclusive and beloved landmarks in Hollywood — and magicians everywhere are thrilled. The Magic Castle may have a reputation for being one of the most bizarre and elusive private clubs, but now that a video game magnate is in charge, the community is hopeful for the iconic locale's bright future. Here's why Pitchford is interested in The Magic Castle and why magicians have spoken up in support of the recent acquisition.

Magic Is In Randy Pitchford's Blood

For Randy Pitchford, The Magic Castle represents more than just another business investment. Pitchford is actually the grandnephew of famed 20th-century magician The Great Cardini and feels that magic is part of his heritage. According to VentureBeat, Pitchford himself is reported to be a lifelong magician and a member of the Academy of Magical Arts (the group for whom The Magic Castle is reserved). Though this purchase comes a little over a year after the Los Angeles Times detailed allegations of misconduct and bad behavior, both Pitchford and others in the magic community see only positive things in the landmark's future. 

In a statement regarding the purchase (via CBS), Pitchford said, "The Magic Castle is like bedrock — the center point of magic. The people who think of the Castle as their home and the place itself seem to have magical properties that have created and inspired some of the world's greatest entertainers." 

Though Pitchford wouldn't detail the sale price or future plans for his purchase, notable members of the magic community have endorsed the move. Penn Jillette of the magician duo Penn and Teller stated (per ABC), "I've known Randy Pitchford for years, and I know he has a day job, but in my mind he's a magician ... I believe Randy's heart is in magic. For as long as I've known about the Magic Castle it's been a bit precarious. I always worried about it. Now I don't need to."