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What These Elden Ring Characters Look Like Without Masks

Throughout one's journey through "Elden Ring," your Tarnished will encounter several NPCs that possess both knowledge and resources to greatly aid you in your journey. Others aren't as friendly and will attempt to stop you by any means necessary. Friend or foe, all of these non-playable characters offer something unique or different to the experience, and virtually all of them do their part in further building out this wild world that FromSoftware has built.

"Elden Ring" also shrouds some of these NPCs in several layers of mystery. One way in which the game accomplishes this is by adorning some of its NPCs in masks or helmets that completely hide or otherwise obscure their faces from the player. Despite the developer's effort to keep the true appearances of some of these NPCs hidden, FromSoftware seems to have pulled out all the stops when it comes to adding detailed faces that are hidden by these obstructions.

One popular "Elden Ring" dataminer — Zullie the Witch — has discovered that many of these NPCs have face creation data that can be observed using the game's player creation. The YouTuber published these findings in a video that not only reveals these secret properties in the game's code, but also recreates some of the most popular NPCs' true faces, showing what they look like underneath their various disguises.

Sorcerous Sellen

To anyone who's come across Sorceress Sellen, it's kind of hard to forget her. She is extremely patronizing and despite having a somewhat soft voice, Sellen wears  a stone helmet that resembles a slightly smirking face with its eyes closed. Quite frankly, Sellen's entire getup is quite unnerving and jarring, but then again, all scholars wear similar concrete helmets. It's what's beneath the helmet might be surprising.

In Zullie's application of the character's listed characteristics in the datamine, Sellen is quite beautiful. She has short black hair and bright blue eyes. Her facial expression is intense, as a sorceress plying her trade in The Lands Between certainly must be. It's also worth noting that Sellen has two character models given that part of her story involves transferring her soul into a different body. The second character model is mostly similar to the first, but has more sunken cheeks and a different nose shape.


White Mask Varré is among the first NPCs the player-created Tarnished will encounter. A rather straight-laced individual, Varré's main purpose is to help guide the player and give them some direction early on in "Elden Ring." Apparently, Varré also has an obsession with Bloody Fingers. In fact, the NPC gifts the player a Festering Bloody Finger upon meeting them for the second time at Rose Church.

Varré's mask is one of his most defining features — it's even in his official name. But underneath his expressionless white face mask is a normal-looking face, relatively speaking. Well ... except for one specific and super identifiable feature. Underneath his mask, Varré has strong features that include golden eyes, a cleft chin, and a slightly smug expression. Varré's most notable feature, however, is the distinctive red tattoo he has on his forehead which resembles that of the Three Fingers, further expanding upon his potential backstory.

Dung Eater

Of the many NPCs you meet in "Elden Ring," few are as memorable as Dung Eater. Having earned his unusual and pejorative name after his public execution in which he was showered with feces from onlookers, Dung Eater is a fellow Tarnished with a bleak and sinister outlook that involves defiling and eternally cursing the corpses of those he's killed. Visually speaking, Dung Eater is presented as a red-glowing phantom adorned with weird heavy armor that appears to have some kind of growth protruding from it.

According to Zullie's datamine, the man under the mask is almost as intense as his armor and past atrocities. The Dung Eater has long unkempt hair, a half-goatee, a large crooked nose, a scar under his right eye, and a permanently angry expression. Dung Eater's true face under his helmet has circulated on Reddit before, with many humorous comments forming a link between his unique face and his identifiable name.

D, Hunter of the Dead

Of all the NPC faces in "Elden Ring," none are perhaps more surprising than that of D, Hunter of the Dead. Encountered in-game within the Roundtable Hold, D is almost completely covered from head to toe in armor. He has a deep and gruff voice, and is pretty straight-laced when it comes to his dialogue. One might expect such a brooding figure to resemble a haggard and weathered physical appearance that would be associated with someone who's been to hell and back on the battlefield and is known to others as a "Beholder of Death."

Instead, D has a somewhat disarming appearance under all that metal. Though he has a menacing scowl, D has a very pale face made even paler by his platinum (if not gray) cropped hair and eyebrows. He has light-colored eyes and prominent cheekbones as well. To the uninitiated, one might think he came straight out of some kind of anime or "Final Fantasy" game.

Gideon Ofnir

Last, but certainly not least, we have Sir Gideon Ofnir. Head of the Roundtable Hold, Sir Gideon is a Tarnished that has dedicated himself to becoming the Elden Lord. In order to accomplish such a task, he has begun amassing extensive knowledge on all of The Lands Between's most deadly figures, earning himself the nickname of "The All-Knowing." During your playthrough, Gideon shares knowledge with you on the various bosses found in "Elden Ring" through various different meetings. However, there's only room for one Elden Lord, which will eventually lead to a battle with him at the end of his questline.

Gideon's typical appearance has him wearing a robe and a helmet not too dissimilar to that of the Black Riders in "The Lord of the Rings." Underneath the helmet, Gideon has a pretty haunting appearance. Like fellow Roundtable member D, Gideon has pale skin, complemented by almost snow-white hair and eyebrows. His eyes are a glowing orange color and his face seems to be that of a permanent sneer.