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Dr Disrespect's Seizure Joke Is Causing An Uproar

Dr Disrespect has built a career by leaning into controversy and risky jokes. His Twitch ban is so severe that other streamers have been banned just for showing his face on the platform. He has also moved back into game development, where he has already ticked off some fans by revealing that his battle royale will have NFTs in it. Now, Dr Disrespect has found himself at the center of another controversy after pretending to have a seizure during an "Apex Legends" stream – a bit he liked so much that he clipped it and posted it on Twitter after the fact.

While playing "Apex Legends," the Doc was downed, granting him access to the White Knockdown Shield. He spammed the Knockdown Shield, resulting in a white flashing effect on the screen. He then proceeded to flail around for about 30 seconds, taking his headphones off and hitting his microphone with them. He didn't explain his actions in the clip, but his tweet read, "Apex gave me a seizure." Though some of his fanbase enjoyed the sequence, others were disturbed by his decision to make light of a real medical condition.

Dr Disrespect's actions divided viewers

Several people in the Twitter replies criticized the performance, with one user writing "Ahahaha soooo funny to mime a serious medical condition. I can't stop laaaauuugggghhhhiiiing." Others asserted that the joke was tired and overdone. "Man I love it when people make fun of disabilities! It's probably the most original and hilarious form of comedy on the planet," another individual quipped. "Anyone can have a seizure without having any medical problems. It's not a 'condition,'" claimed one of Dr Disrespect's defenders. At least one other commenter echoed this idea.

Healthline defines seizures as "sudden electrical disturbances in your brain that cause temporary changes to your behavior and movements." More severe seizures can result in full-body convulsions — a serious symptom Dr Disrespect appeared to be mimicking. While seizures have multiple causes, epilepsy remains the most prominent trigger (via Mayo Clinic). People who have photosensitive epilepsy are at a higher risk of having a seizure when exposed to flashing lights.

Ultimately, it seems Dr Disrespect is either unaware that he upset anyone with his joke or just doesn't care that he did. TimTheTatman replied to the tweet with a wisecrack of his own, stating, "incredible gameplay." It remains to be seen whether any of the Two-Time's other peers will weigh in on the matter.