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Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About The Minecraft Movie

Few games have had the staying power that "Minecraft" has had. Released originally in full form back in 2011, Minecraft" has stretched several different generations of gaming and has cultivated a large and dedicated following over the years. Known for its minimalistic, pixel-like graphics and the seemingly infinite amount of possibilities its sandbox gameplay style provides, Mojang Studios' hit game has maintained a seemingly perpetual popularity among the gaming community, even as the medium stretches farther into the future. Its successful formula is one other games can learn from, especially when it comes to transcending gaming and becoming a part of pop culture. It's because of this that a film based on the block-based game has now been greenlit for production.

A live-action film adaptation of "Minecraft" has long been in the works. Initially announced in 2014 according to Gamasutra, the Warner Bros. backed film has since hit several roadblocks in terms of finding a director and a leading cast member. After years of production mishaps, it seems that Warner Bros. has finally found both its director and leading man for the "Minecraft" film in Jared Hess and Jason Momoa, respectively — an odd pairing that has many on the internet saying the same exact thing.

Jason Momoa and Jared Hess' selection have fans confused

Jason Momoa's casting in the "Minecraft" movie, as well as Jared Hess being attached to direct the film, immediately caused a splash on social media due to the two's different career trajectories. Since breaking through as a support character on HBO's "Game of Thrones," Momoa has since established himself as Hollywood's next big action star following his casting as Aquaman in the DCEU. Hess, on the other hand, has mostly been known for his comedic films, with the most notable being his 2004's "Napolean Dynamite" and the equally quirky "Nacho Libre" in 2006. The idea of Momoa and Hess collaborating on a project has turned tons of heads due to the different disciplines the two have.

On Twitter, user @saltyseaghost commented on the odd pairing saying: "Never in my wildest dreams would 'Jason Momoa confirmed to star in live action Minecraft movie adaptation by Napoleon Dynamite director' be on my 2022 bingo sheet but here we are." Another Twitter user, @johnny_tmanV2, also expressed bewilderment at the idea of "Minecraft" being represented in live-action form with Momoa starring and Hess directing, adding that the film "could be the strangest video game movie since the [Mario Bros.] movie from 1993."

While the Mamoa-Hess pairing might seem a bit strange on the surface, the quality of the final product will ultimately be what's important to fans.