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RIP Elden Ring's Strongest Wall

Of all the secrets that "Elden Ring" contains and allows its players to organically discover, a hidden illusory wall remains one of its most fascinating. Found in the Volcano Manor, the wall in question simply opened another hallway to an already-accessible section within the manor's legendary dungeon. Players quickly discovered that the wall would fall apart after 50 blows, sometimes more, depending on which weapon they chose to do the improvised renovating. 


This discovery was a huge source of discussion among the "Elden Ring" playerbase. What other secrets could the Lands Between be hiding? Unfortunately, "Elden Ring" players now must say "RIP" to the game's strongest wall.

See, the weirdest thing about the "illusory" wall in "Elden Ring" is that it didn't lead to any kind of essential or beneficial area for players — it kind of just existed for the sake of existing. This lead some players to speculate that the destructible wall wasn't even meant to be destructible in the first place and was instead the result of a glitch, albeit an amusing one. As fate would have it, this subsection of fans were correct. Now that the latest update for the game has been released, it has been discovered that the permeable wall has become an ordinary, unbreakable one.


The illusory walls can no longer be destroyed

As part of the game's 1.04 patch provided by FromSoftware, one of the many bugs said to have been fixed is one "that caused some places on the map to have incorrect visual and hitbox." Sure enough, it seems that this famous wall is among the things in the game's environment with improper physics attached to it. YouTuber Zullie the Witch — the same user who also discovered many of the game's hidden creation data for hidden NPC faces — tested things out to see if the wall was still destructible. As it turns out, the wall in Volcano Manor's dungeon can no longer be destroyed, no matter how much damage players try to inflict upon it.


On Reddit, some "Elden Ring" players expressed disappointment at the wall being "fixed" in the newest patch. Others, however, were quick to point out that breaking it was merely a novelty, and that the entire nature of the "illusory" wall wasn't a big deal to begin with.

So there it is — one of the first and strangest secrets of "Elden Ring" is no more. Rest in peace, you weak wall!