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Valkyrae Reveals Hilarious Interaction With An Ex

At this point, most people either know Valkyrae as a popular streamer or the person who briefly tried selling anti-blue light skincare products. But before Valkyrae became a popular streamer, she worked at GameStop, and she still has a few interesting stories to share from her time there. One of the stories she told recently was about a co-worker she'd briefly dated during her GameStop days. Valkyrae shared that she and her unnamed coworker dated for about two months. During that time, however, he wasn't very physically affectionate, not even holding her hand. When they finally kissed, the couple pivoted to a conversation in which their coworker explained that he'd realized he was actually gay. Relating the story to her audience, Valkyrae said she was happy to help someone discover themselves.

While anyone who has worked retail probably has their own share of funny stories and Valkyrae painted her coworker in a positive light, it seems she wasn't prepared for her story to actually reach the coworker in question. It's unclear if her coworker is a regular watcher or found the clip as it made the rounds, but on a recent stream, Valkyrae gave fans an update to her famous GameStop boyfriend story.

Valkyrae's GameStop coworker DM'd her

Valkyrae dove back into the story during a "Valorant" stream. Before the start of a match, Valkyrae shared that not only did he see the clip of her discussing their former relationship, but he also sent her a DM on Twitter to tell her that he saw it. 

Valkyrae said, "He saw it and he said, 'Rae! Lmao. I love you. I just saw this and I'm dying LOL.' He saw it! He wasn't supposed to see that, ever." She went on to say that he's happy now and has a boyfriend, although she wasn't sure if it was the same guy he had started dating while she still worked at GameStop.

While Valkyrae probably shouldn't be too shocked that her old coworker saw the clip, fans got a kick out of the latest development. She was clearly embarrassed that he'd heard her tell the story, even though the story didn't paint him in a negative light. Being a famous streamer probably means that any story you tell about another person while live could easily make its way back to them. While this made for a fun interaction, Valkyrae might be a bit more conscious about what stories she tells while streaming in the future.