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Twitch Streamer Beddle Reveals Horrifying Stalker Drama

On the surface, the act of Twitch streaming is supposed to be a fun and potentially lucrative activity. Originally seen largely as a way for gamers to share their gameplay to an audience, streaming on Twitch has since evolved beyond gaming and is now a way for different kinds of people and personalities from all walks of life to broadcast to a large audience of spectators. Unfortunately, streaming has become quite dangerous in recent years. Among the many "pranks" viewers have played on people broadcasting, many of them have crossed the line from harmless fun to life-threatening.

One such dangerous occurrence recently happened to up-and-coming streamer Beddle. In case you're not familiar with her content, there's a chance you may be in the near future. In just a short time, Beddle has amassed just over 19,000 followers thus far on Twitch and her streams typically garner at least a few thousand views. Having previously gone viral thanks to a video of her dad roasting her over her hopes of finding a boyfriend in 2022, the South Korean streamer has begun building a dedicated audience and carving out her own niche in the "Just Chatting" category. Unfortunately for Beddle, not all of this newfound attention has been of the welcoming variety, as she recently detailed a horrifying experience involving a stalker.

Beddle describes a stalker finding out where she lived

Despite her lower profile compared to some of the bigger names on Twitch, Beddle has still been subjected to some traumatizing experiences in the past. One such instance involved her doing an IRL stream from her former residence when a stalker sent her an alarming message.

While drinking outside of her old house, a viewer apparently used nearby street signs that could be viewed in the stream to pinpoint Beddle's exact location. "Someone tracked the sign and sent me [a] DM that [said] 'I know where you live,'" Beddle told her viewers during a recent Just Chatting stream. 

Despite her refusal to respond to the message, the stalker continued to detail past instances in which he was able to discover the location of other streamers, even going as far as to discover which apartment they were staying in by tracking how many steps it took to get down a flight of stairs. "He sent [this information] to me, so I was freaked out and was like, 'What the f*** is wrong with this dude?'"

Beddle has moved to a new house since the stalking incident, where she has felt more safe.