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How To Reset A Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch is one of the most prominent handheld gaming systems and the Nintendo Switch Lite is a popular option. The colorful console has its perks, with a better battery life and more portability due to the smaller size and lighter weight. While the cheaper version of the system also has its problems, such as the infamous stick drift issue and the fact that it can't be docked for TV play, it's still a great choice for anyone looking to play the best Nintendo Switch games for a lower price.


Similar to the original console, there are times when the Nintendo Switch Lite lock ups. You may find yourself having to reset it, and it's not as easy as just tapping the power button. There are two main ways to reset the portable, and you'll want to make sure you choose the correct option to avoid accidentally wiping your data.

Hard reset vs. factory reset for Nintendo Switch Lite

If your Nintendo Switch Lite has locked up and you're trying to hard reset the handheld, it's a fairly easy process that can be easily overlooked. All you have to do is hold down the power button until the system resets itself, which can take a few seconds according to the Nintendo Support page. Once the console has turned off, turn it back on like normal and you'll be good to go!


You can also perform a factory reset on the Switch Lite, which means deleting all the data on it and restoring the settings back to how they were when you bought it. Nintendo has a Support page that explains this process as well:

  • "Select System Settings on the HOME Menu.

  • Scroll down to System, and select it.

  • Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the menu, and select Formatting Options.

  • If a Parental Control PIN has been set for the system, you will be prompted to enter it to proceed.

  • Select Initialize Console to delete all data in the system memory.

  • Read through the information on the screen, then select Next to continue.

  • Select Initialize to complete the process."

And voilà, the Nintendo Switch Lite is back at factory settings! This is generally a good thing to do if you ever want to sell your console.