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Dying Light 2: New Game Plus Content Explained

Things weren't looking great for "Dying Light 2: Stay Human" at one point in time. Developer and publisher Techland constantly delayed the game's release date, frustrating prospective buyers in the process. Techland faced serious trouble after it was hit with allegations of a toxic workplace culture in early 2021, further complicating matters. Fortunately for fans of the series, "Dying Light 2: Stay Human" dropped in February 2022 to positive reviews. After a few months with the final product, many players have already beaten the entry and are looking for a new challenge.

Enter New Game Plus. Typically used as a way for players to carry their character progression from one save to another, Techland is putting its own spin on the offering for "Dying Light 2." As opposed to simply allowing players to stay adept at climbing buildings and killing zombies when starting a fresh run, the sequel's New Game Plus is being advertised as an almost brand new experience. What content does the mode have? It's time to dive into the game's 1.3.0 patch notes.

New parkour challenges

Easily the series' most defining feature, "Dying Light 2" upped the ante when it comes to parkour. It gives players new tools such as a grappling hook and a glider, making traversal one of the most exciting mechanics in the game. The use of parkour in "Dying Light 2" isn't limited to just climbing, either. Players have the opportunity to participate in parkour challenges that involve running through what are essentially obstacle courses, pulling off stunts while hitting checkpoints.

Upon unlocking the New Game Plus feature, players gain access to platinum objectives for these challenges. How fans might react to this news is anyone's guess. The abundance of parkour challenges in "Dying Light 2" has been a bit of a sore spot for some due to terrain traversal being pivotal to most of the game's existing side content (per Reddit). However, the design for the platinum objectives could strike a more positive note.

New collectibles, enemy distribution, and scaling

Beyond parkour, Techland has also added more for players to collect as well as a better distribution of enemy types to keep them on their toes. In the base game, there are a total of 126 inhibitors for players to find around Villedor. These inhibitors act as a kind of pseudo-collectible that can be used to increase Aiden's health and stamina. With New Game Plus, 30 more inhibitors have been added to the game to allow further character development as well as give players even more collectibles to track down. These collections also include new legendary weapons that Aiden can use against enemies, as well as new gold encounters used to gain more valuable loot.

Speaking of enemies, New Game Plus also makes modifications to enemy distribution. For instance, Volatiles and Banshees now spawn during the game's night cycle. In addition to these two dangerous enemy types now being more frequent in the game, players doing their second playthrough of "Dying Light 2" will also be subjected to a more challenging experience due to increased enemy AI scaling meant to match whatever level Aiden is at any given time.