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Nintendo Switch Sports Is Already Causing Accidents

Released on April 29, "Nintendo Switch Sports" is the latest Nintendo sports title, which utilizes motion controls as opposed to simple button inputs. A sequel to 2006's fan-favorite "Wii Sports," "Nintendo Switch Sports" brings the series to the hybrid console and boasts a total of six sports mini-games that include soccer, tennis, bowling, volleyball, badminton, and chambara — all of which involve players flailing their arms to their hearts' content. Of course, with such a required physical output, some players are bound to experience some accidents along the way.

This same issue was prevalent during the "Wii Sports" era, as well. Countless stories of players accidentally throwing their Wiimotes through their televisions permeated throughout the internet. Incidents involving "Wii Sports" players harming their TVs — or their playmates — became a thing of legend and were often considered an unfortunate byproduct of motion-based games. It seems that such mishaps have carried over into the next generation, as Nintendo Switch players have already reported several accidents occurring while playing "Nintendo Switch Sports."

Nintendo Switch Sports players have already begun breaking things

"Nintendo Switch Sports" has already been the cause of several gamer catastrophes. Over the weekend, Twitch streamer 63man was playing a game of tennis on "Nintendo Switch Sports" when suddenly, one of his Joy-Cons slipped from his hand. Though unseen to the viewer, 63man's immediate reaction of shock was quite telling. Eventually, the streamer would turn the camera and reveal that his monitor had been badly broken by the projectile Joy-Con.

63man isn't the only one to have issues, either. On Reddit, users shared a video of streamer Northerlion completely launching his Joycon into the air while playing volleyball after striking his hand onto the desk. "I threw my controller into outer space, man," Northerlion comically told his viewers after the mishap. Fortunately, no serious injuries or property damage seemed to occur as a result of the accident.

In response to a PSA from Twitch's UK and Ireland profile urging players to be careful while playing "Nintendo Switch Sports," streamer J45sal responded with a clip of him breaking his own monitor while apparently playing the game. In the clip, his friends seem to make light of J45sal having an accident until the streamer informs them of the gravity of the situation. Regardless of announcements urging players to be careful, there's bound to be a few overzealous players who end up breaking things.