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The Real Reason Hasan Piker Keeps Turning Down TV Deals

Hasan "HasanAbi" Piker has become increasingly popular in the last few years. While he was a successful streamer before, he blew up during the 2020 US Presidential election and continued to ride that wave after it ended. With over 2 million followers on Twitch, it has become clear with his level of success that he could start looking beyond Twitch. Piker has even discussed leaving Twitch in the past, due to the amount of harassment the left-wing political commentator receives. However, in a recent interview, Piker made it clear he has been offered opportunities outside of Twitch, all of which he has declined.

In a video with Anthony Padilla discussing Piker's life and career, he revealed that he has been offered television deals to have his own show. Piker also revealed that he has turned those offers down, for a few reasons. "I want to grow, but as long as I can grow at my own pace. As long as I can continue doing what I'm doing and not change that, not be beholden to a larger company, or investors, or anything like that. Then, I'm fine. I'm fine with that growth," Piker said.

Piker made it clear that he likes Twitch as a platform and isn't interested in answering to anyone, so why does he feel like Twitch is the best streaming platform for him?

Hasan Piker likes the flexibility of Twitch

Piker also told Padilla that he isn't interested in growing outside of the Twitch space. "I love what I do. I'm very fortunate. I love having a place where I can go to every day and talk about politics every day. I don't wanna 'expand.' I don't wanna grow," Piker said. While he is obviously happy to continue to expand his Twitch audience and grow on that platform specifically, he isn't looking to jump ship for some other venture any time soon.

Piker has had some issues with Twitch in the past, including getting banned from for using the word "cracker" on air, but it's clear that Twitch will allow Piker more freedom to make his content and create than a television show would. He also wouldn't be able to make his show the same way he makes his Twitch stream. Looking at the VODs of past streams of Piker's on Twitch, he regularly streams for 8 hours or more at a time. Combine that with his constant chat interaction and it becomes clear why Piker isn't interested in making the switch.