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Mizkif Reveals The Reason Behind Esfand's Hospital Trip

Recently, a group of American streamers and content creators embarked on a trip to South Korea, including Esfand, Mizkif, Emiru, and AustinShow. Plenty of adventure was in store — until things took a turn for one group member who got injured in an unlikely way.

Naturally, the group is making their most out of their time in South Korea and documenting their travels on their respective channels. They've also met up with some Korean streamers, including Charming_Jo, HAchubby, and JinnyTTY, for some fun crossover content. A May 4 video update from Mizkif chronicled much of the mischief, including a delicious meal at a restaurant, explorations around town, and one particularly fateful night at the arcade.

Captured on Mizkif's video, the crew was playing a punching bag arcade game that Esfand was greatly enjoying, up until the point that he threw a punch that backfired and hurt his thumb. He was clearly in pain, and it wasn't long until his friends got him to a nearby hospital. Despite the injury, Esfand was still in good spirits. He even brought up "World of Warcraft" right after getting hurt, although in context of worrying he wouldn't be able to play as well due to the mishap.

Eventually, Mizkif went live to offer an update of what happened before Esfand eventually rejoined the group and told his side of the story. According to Mizkif, "So here's what happened...Esfand broke his finger."

Esfand's Unlikely Injury

As things unfolded, Esfand also eventually updated his viewers on what went down. In the appropriately-titled video "I BROKE my Thumb In South Korea.. (Actually Bad)," the streamer rejoined his friends at brunch. They warmly welcomed him back and immediately wanted to know the scoop. After showing everyone the cast, he gave his perspective on the injury incident.

As Esfand told his friends, "When we were at an arcade ... I punched like I had boxing gloves on." Basically, he had his hand open, just as he would when wearing boxing gloves. He punched and hit his thumb, which was shattered in the process. According to the healthcare professionals and X-rays as recalled by Esfand, "They said my thumb is broken in two places. It was basically like, whenever I hit it, I hit it so hard, so that loud popping noise was the bone breaking." He also shared a photo of the X-ray on his Twitter with a nod to his Gladiator title in "World of Warcraft."

Even though the injury put a damper on an otherwise strong start to the trip, Esfand and friends found a way to laugh it off. As Mizkif joked, "You've gotta be in a permanent positive mood now. You're always 'thumbs-up!'"