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Evil Dead: The Game: How To Beat Mission 1

If you're a gamer and are in any way a fan of horror films, then it's likely you've been patiently waiting for "Evil Dead: The Game" to drop. Thus far, it has really been hitting with critics and gamers alike. The title has no shortage of content and while the multiplayer still needs a bit of work, the consensus seems to be that the adaptation of one of the most iconic horror-comedy film series has more than enough gory fun and cheeky language to keep the franchise's hardcore fans happy.

For anyone just diving in, "Evil Dead: The Game" could pose some challenges. The Deadites and mini-bosses that Ash Williams encounters are stronger than your typical zombie enemy type in other entries such as "Left 4 Dead." Because of this, even Mission 1 — which involves taking Linda's severed, talking head to a vice — has proven difficult for some to complete. But fear not! Here's everything you need to know and do as you attempt to lead Ash to his objective.

Pick up all available supplies

Mission 1 begins in a cabin. While there, it's important to grab every bit of loot you can find. This includes matchsticks, ammo, and whatever else it available. Once you've depleted the starting area, make your way to the Circus Cages marked on your mini-map. Assuming you take a straight line west out the door, you will come across a Supply Crate. Open that up and grab both the cola and amulet within.

Continue through the Circus Cages until you come across your first Deadites. These early foes utilize a surprise attack in an attempt to catch you off guard, so be sure to stay on your toes if you don't want to take too much damage at the outset. They aren't too difficult and only require three or so hits with the chainsaw to dispatch.

Prepare for your first mini-boss

Once you've taken care of your first Deadites near the Circus Cages, go to the nearby cabin and loot whatever is inside. From there, head directly north towards the main objective at the Bronson Cave. There will be some pesky Deadites waiting for you there, but they shouldn't be any more of an issue than those you shredded to pieces moments prior. It is here you will experience your first mini-boss fight.

To prepare for the battle, YouTuber DuskTheViking suggests looting the ammo in the vicinity of the cave's entrance. Upon picking up the necessary materials, enter the cave and quickly use your amulet to give Ash an extra armor boost. The mini-boss isn't incredibly difficult as its only devastating attack is a charge that is easy to read and dodge. Focus your shotgun blasts on the head and the boss will fall soon after. Pick up the healing loot it drops and search for other heals and an amulet nearby. There's also a new double-barrel shotgun that will come in handy.

Collect the purple chainsaw

To exit the cave, use the hole near the main entrance. This will help you avoid the animated and malevolent trees lying in wait. From here, head back towards the Circus Cages which is where the next main objective is. Seeing as you already cleared it out, this area should be mostly free of enemies. Pick up the shovel indicated by the quest marker to progress further. This also makes a purple chainsaw available in the nearby courtyard. This weapon is very important as it handles the more basic Deadites much more efficiently.

Once you reach the location of the purple chainsaw, you will be ambushed by two Deadites. Take them on using quick attacks and collect your reward. Once you've gutted a few more zombies and grabbed your powerful new weapon, head southeast to the next objective marker. By now, your fear meter has likely built up at least a bit. Filling it causes Ash to get possessed and you will fail the mission as a result. To drain this meter, find the firepit en route to the next marker in the woods, ignite it, and chill there for a bit.

Defeat Henrietta Knowby

Upon following the quest markers, you come across mainly basic enemy types, as well as bigger and tankier ones. Use your newly acquired purple chainsaw to take care of the easier foes and your shotgun to take out the bigger varieties. If you follow the objective, you will eventually arrive at Payne Manor. Look everywhere you can, as there is both a legendary chainsaw and shotgun at this location. These will come in handy in the final boss battle of the mission.

The objective eventually takes you to the Knowby Cabin where you battle Henrietta Knowby, an iconic character from the film series. Use another amulet, as she is quite hard to vanquish due to the fact that she floats from one area to another instead of simply moving on foot. She also has an attack that is basically impossible to avoid.

Keep your distance and pepper Henrietta with shotgun fire. Be wary of other Deadites that target you during this battle as well. Once you defeat her, follow the marker, place Linda's disembodied head into the vice grip, and voilà! You've beaten Mission 1.