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PlayStation Makes History With Its Latest Guide

Gamers have a language of their own. Between common abbreviations like "AOE" and widely-adopted inside baseball phrases, anyone without prior knowledge (or years of gaming experience) can quickly discover they have no idea what other players are talking about. For example, someone new to the gaming scene might not know that the abbreviation "FPS" can mean one of two things — and players might hear others using the term to talk about first-person shooters or frames per second in the same conversation. However, shakers and movers in the industry have identified this potential disconnect between new and seasoned players and have attempted to remedy the situation.

Sony has released glossary for the unique language gamers use, and the PlayStation maker hopes it'll serve as the ultimate list of popular gaming-related terms. Appearing ahead of the PlayStation Plus rework, for which a number of titles have been partially leaked, the glossary is sure to help those navigating through the flood of newly accessible games. As noted by TheGamer, this is being touted as the first "gamer dictionary." Readers can now see descriptions for terms like 'Kiting' from an easily accessible and navigable platform — and that just might be the tool newcomers need to build confidence in the new frontier of online communities. Here's what readers can expect from Sony's "ultimate" gaming glossary.

Sony creates a cushion for new gamers

While Sony's new guide is only accessible via the company's website for now, players can find the glossary highlighted about a quarter way down the page. The guide is arranged alphabetically (dictionary style) with each letter linked at the top of the page to navigate readers to its specific section. Alongside abbreviations explanations, Sony also goes to lengths define words and phrases often associated with gaming. Players will find a description for things like "Zoning" or "Git Gud," with some entries even including linked references to others. 

Every few lettered sections are accented by images highlighting a term and showcasing a title where it might encountered. For example, the term "End-game" is shown alongside a shot from the newest "Destiny 2" expansion, including text adding onto the initial entry: "'Destiny 2' is well known for its end-game play, providing hours of extra content that will keep players entertained long after its main story missions have been completed." There's also a link to where players can download and start playing the game, which isn't too surprising considering Sony's acquisition of Bungie. Similar examples dot the glossary highlighting titles like "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" and "God of War" among others.

All in all, Sony's gaming glossary is actually quite informative and seems genuinely helpful for those just getting into gaming. While a quick internet search would undoubtedly provide the same info, it's nice to see an industry leader attempt to make things easier.