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Salt And Sacrifice: How To Farm Guiltless Shards And Why It's Important

Having had time to simmer in the public eye, indie side-scroller "Salt and Sacrifice" — the sequel to 2016's "Salt and Sanctuary" — has drawn a lot of attention. The game was an ambitious effort from Ska Studios, a developer that only has two members. Despite this smaller scale production, "Salt and Sacrifice" has earned positive marks from critics and been favorably compared to the "Dark Souls" series due to its style, design, and emphasis on trial and error. Currently a PlayStation and PC exclusive, "Salt and Sacrifice" has proven a hit with many who crave in-depth character customization and class-based gameplay.


With this kind of success and attention, it's only natural for more gamers to gravitate towards "Salt and Sacrifice". Tips on how to get the most out of their experience is sure to be a huge source of conversation. Whether you're new or more seasoned, collecting items known as Guiltless Shards should be among your top priorities. But what are Guiltless Shards, why are they important, and how do you gather them?

Use the Fire Mage to farm Guiltless Shards

Guiltless Shards resemble the Human Effigy in "Dark Souls 2." They are the single consumable in "Salt and Sacrifice" that can fully restore a player's health, and the only way to earn them is by killing minions that are summoned by mages in the game world. This makes Guiltless Shards one of the most important consumables in "Salt and Sacrifice" and virtually essential for boss fights.


The more Guiltless Shards you accrue on your journey, the more scarce their drop rate becomes, making farming them of the utmost importance. One of the best methods is going directly right of the spawn at Ashbourne Village. There, a Fire Mage continuously spawns and summons minions you can kill for Guiltless Shards. This method is fast and effective, and won't require much effort if you're willing to grind. Once you've done this several times, you can fully stock up on Guiltless Shards and become the most durable being in Altarstone Kingdom.