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Apex Legends Mobile: Everything To Know About Fade

Piggybacking on the massive success of "Apex Legends" on both consoles and PC, Electronic Arts decided to get mobile gamers in on the action with the release of "Apex Legends Mobile" for both Android and iOS devices on May 17. While the mobile version is certainly scaled-down compared to its predecessor, the port has earned decent reviews out of the gate, lauded as a serviceable and entertaining interpretation of the original gameplay optimized for the small screen. Of course, "Apex Legends Mobile" doesn't just offer an alternative way to experience Respawn Entertainment's beloved battle royale, but also serves up a new Legend who is (at least for now) exclusive to the platform.

The playable characters of "Apex Legends" often come with extensive lore detailing their backstories, abilities, and quirks. Fade, the latest member of the roster, is no different in this regard. But who is this new Legend, and why is he a worthy addition to the "Apex Legends" canon? Here's everything you need to know about Fade before you try him out in "Apex Legends Mobile."

Fade has an intense backstory

Fade – whose real name is Ignacio Huamani — has his own identity, backstory, and reason for taking part in the Apex Games. Born in 2078 on the Outlands desert planet of Solace, Ignacio kept with tradition, following his father and brothers into the military-tech salvage business. He mainly served as a lookout in his younger years, though his desire to play a larger role in his family's business left him discontent. Determined to prove himself, Ignacio took on a contract to recover a high-tech prototype suit from a lost Interstellar Mining Corporation (IMC) cargo vessel.

While Ignacio and his family managed to track down the ship containing the valuable loot, the deal turned out to be an ambush. Though all of his family died on the spot, Ignacio used the prototype suit to jump to an alternate dimension. Eventually he learned enough about the suit's powers to phase back home. Faced with the consequences of his choices, he joined the Apex Games as Fade in search of vengeance against those responsible for the murder of his father and brothers.

Fade's kit is next level

With the power of the IMC prototype suit at his disposal, Fade is capable of pulling off some impressive feats on the battlefield. His Ultimate is the Phase Chamber, a grenade-like projectile that, when thrown, "phases everyone within the radius for a few seconds making them unable to deal or receive damage." Fade also possesses a Passive called Slipstream, which grants him a small boost of speed following a slide.

Fade's Tactical ability is his pièce de résistance. Known as Flashback, it "rips him backwards through another dimension, phasing him to his previous location." In practice, it is similar to Wraith's Dimensional Rift. Unlike Wraith, however, Fade's ability has a unique quirk to it. As noted by Also Gaming Merchant, he can exit the Flashback at any moment, potentially catching nearby enemies off guard and allowing for tactical positioning. When it comes to special abilities, it's hard to go wrong with a good Houdini act!