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Markiplier Gets Real About His 'Unfathomable' Wealth

Over the years, prolific YouTuber Markiplier has undergone a stunning transformation. Streamers have confirmed that he's just as nice as he seems on camera, despite (or perhaps because of) the tragedies he's faced in real life. Markiplier's down-to-earth personality and humorous videos hide a surprising fact, though. He has a wild net worth that might surprise some fans. The YouTuber has shared his life openly with fans over the years, inviting viewers to journey with him no matter where he goes. Markiplier even cleared the air after posting a picture of himself in the hospital, giving fans the gruesome details about his stomach condition. That honesty is part of what endears Markiplier to fans and makes them feel like they really know him. That being said, there's something that separates Markiplier from many of his biggest fans – and for that matter, most other YouTubers.


As one of the most successful YouTubers working today, Markiplier has raked in money from his billions of views (via Wired). That's resulted in a good deal of wealth for Markiplier, although how he spends it might surprise some fans. The YouTuber recently sat down with Anthony Padilla to talk about his life, his YouTube career, and yes, his immense fortune. In the style of much of Markiplier's content, the interview was truthful and touching, while also absolutely hilarious. Well, as hilarious as you can be while talking about mass quantities of cash.

Hard times in Markiplier's youth

Markiplier got frank about the money he's made from his YouTube ventures. When Padilla asked the YouTuber how his financial status changed throughout his life, Markiplier took things back to the beginning. He said that he didn't have much money as a kid, but that it didn't make much of a difference. Recalling his best Christmas ever, Markiplier said that one year he and his siblings only received a copy of "Starcraft." Only being able to give their kids one present made Markiplier's parents sad, but the kids themselves didn't care. After all, "Starcraft" was awesome.


As Markiplier got older, his family's income leveled out, making the family's financial status "fine." However, once Markiplier began college he started amassing his own debts. The YouTuber recalled a time when a company was giving out free pizzas to anyone that opened a credit card with them. Markiplier readily signed up in order to snag a pizza, saying, "That should explain my spiraling debt that I got into." Unfortunately, the pizza simply wasn't worth it, and Markiplier said that it tasted awful.

The credit card only led to debt, which eventually resulted in Markiplier not being able to afford an apartment. He moved back in with his mom and his brother graciously paid off the credit card. That same brother told Markiplier about YouTube "Let's Play" videos, which is when he began making content and getting paid by YouTube itself.


Markiplier wishes he could start over

Markiplier described YouTube as a way to make loads of money, although it's true he worked hard for what he has. After getting an apartment and a car, Markiplier felt free from debt, but then his YouTube channel started taking off. "People just don't understand how much money falls out of the YouTube bucket!" Markiplier exclaimed. "It's unfair." After an entire childhood of struggling with money, Markiplier suddenly found himself with more money than he knew what to do with. He said that he struggled with his newfound wealth, and wasn't sure what people did with all the excess cash. Padilla quietly asked, "So what do you do?"


"I give it to charity," Markiplier exhaled. He explained that he's comfortable, but that he does give away a lot of his wealth. The gamer said that the amount of money he'd made was "unfathomable," both to him personally and on a human level.

Perhaps most shockingly, Markiplier said he'd love it if he lost everything, not because he'd lose his fortune, but because it would give him an opportunity to have a clean slate. Markiplier welcomed the chance to start his career over again and try something new, but admitted that wasn't likely to have it. Still, he said that he feels like he owes his fans everything.

"What I do have now is a sense of responsibility, of I do have what I have and I do have this audience," Markiplier explained. He feels like he owes his fans quality content that they've come to expect from him, and considering how much time and creativity Markplier puts into his work – and how many viewers have stuck with him over the years – it's safe to say the thankfulness is mutual.