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V Rising: How To Find And Beat Alpha Wolf

"V Rising" is a multiplayer, open-world, isometric RPG, where players aim to take over the world as a vampire. It is the latest in a long line of early access titles to take over the Steam charts, similar to Valheim in early 2021. The game requires players to explore a massive gothic world and take down powerful enemies, so they can upgrade their gear and become a powerful vampire lord. In addition to enemies to fight and loot to find, "V Rising" also has a deep crafting system, including multiple different kinds of crafting stations to make, assuming you can find all of the materials, like whetstones.


One of the earliest challenges in "V Rising" is the Alpha Wolf boss fight, which serves as a conclusion to the tutorial quest in the game. Players will need to be at least gear score 16 to take on the Alpha Wolf, although reaching gear score 20 will make the fight easier. Here's where to find the Alpha Wolf and how to beat them.

V Rising Alpha Wolf location

According to Youtuber Kibbles, finding the Alpha Wolf is as tricky as fighting it, since the quest marker in-game does not reveal its exact location. The Alpha Wolf's den can be found by starting at the Desecrated Graveyard and heading north to the Bandit Copper Mine. From here, head east and you will eventually find the den. The boss fight will start the moment you find the Alpha Wolf, so be prepared.


If the Alpha Wolf doesn't spawn there, it means it is at one of the other wolf dens to the east of the forest, according to VG247. There should be a blood trail from the first den leading to the others, so follow that until you find the Alpha Wolf. Despite being the tutorial boss, the Alpha Wolf is still a tough opponent. It has high damage melee attacks, so you need to pick your moments to attack carefully. It will also summon regular wolves to help it fight, which can overwhelm you if you don't deal with them quickly. Defeating the Alpha Wolf grants you the ability to turn into an animal, which will cause other animals to view you as friendly.