Elden Ring: How To Get Crimson Amber Medallion And What It Does

When playing "Elden Ring," you're gonna need every edge you can get. Many of the enemies you face will likely kill you several times before you finally figure them out. And if you wish to tip the scales in your favor, a good amount of HP can go a long way. One way that you can potentially do this is through grabbing a Crimson Amber Medallion. There are a total of three Crimson Amber Medallions in "Elden Ring." Within the game's fictional universe, these Talismans are made up of the mystical Erdtree's sap and contain a "primordial life energy." In simpler terms, these items boost the max HP level of the Tarnished by anywhere from 6% to 8%, making you much more formidable on the battlefield. 


There has been some debate regarding how much the Crimson Amber Medallion really pumps up HP levels and if it's actually necessary. But even if it's just a small change, having that extra bit of health could make or break some of the battles against bosses or stronger enemy types. Assuming you didn't choose one as your starter keepsake, here's exactly where you can find the Crimson Amber Medallions during your playthrough of "Elden Ring."

How to find the Crimson Amber Medallion

The first Crimson Amber Medallion isn't at all hard to find and can simply be purchased with runes. Upon launching the game, go to the Castle Morne Rampart Site of Grace in Weeping Peninsula. Once you've arrived, you'll notice a campfire and the Nomadic Merchant seated nearby. Interact with the merchant and choose the "Purchase" option. Among the list of goods the Nomadic Merchant is carrying, one of them should be the Crimson Amber Medallion, which is available for the cool price of 1500 runes. Once you have it, go to your "Equipment" menu and be sure to equip it for quick access when you need it the most.


Two additional Crimson Amber Medallions — the +1 and +2 variants — can be found elsewhere in the game as loot. The +1 variant can be found in a building at Volcano Manor, in which you must use a Stonesword Key to access the fog gate. The +1 is on a dead body on the second floor. The +2 variant of the Crimson Amber Medallion can be found just south of the Leyndell, Ashen Capital Site of Grace. Nearby this Site, there is an open sewer grate. Carefully drop down each level until you land on a slim wooden plank. There, the +2 can be looted from a corpse.