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Is Diablo Immortal Cross-Platform?

It's been a long time coming for "Diablo Immortal," especially considering the game was first announced all the way back in 2018. Set in the two decades between "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3," "Diablo Immortal" is majorly changing the series as the first mobile-focused entry to join the mix.

Though it could be considered an exciting new chapter in the "Diablo" franchise by some, the reality is the reveal of "Diablo Immortal" was first met with significant disappointment. The game was announced when fans thought "Diablo 4" might finally be revealed, so many felt that they got something they never asked for. Since then, "Diablo 4" has been officially confirmed, so perhaps now that "Diablo" loyalists are getting a classic PC and console release, they'll be a little more open to the "Diablo Immortal" mobile experience.

After all this time, "Diablo Immortal" will finally be available to play starting June 2, 2022. The game will launch on mobile, and there is also an Open Beta PC version coming out the same day. All iterations of "Diablo Immortal" will be free-to-play, giving the MMO action RPG wide appeal. Given all of these details, one question is on players' minds – will "Diablo Immortal" be cross-platform?

Diablo Immortal will support cross-play

Gamers hoping to play the one and only mobile "Diablo" game with friends on different devices are in luck: "Diablo Immortal" will launch as a cross-platform title according to direct information from Blizzard. And, the game will support cross-progression for players who want to hop between mobile and PC.

To ensure smooth gameplay and saves, Blizzard shared some guidelines for "Diablo Immortal" players taking advantage of the cross-play capabilities. The main consideration is creating a Battle.net account or signing into a preexisting one. After that, everything will be synced up through the centralized account.

Blizzard has confirmed that although "Diablo Immortal" will be in Open Beta status when it launches on PC, "when the PC version leaves the Open Beta period, all the progress and purchases you've made will be maintained." The company also plans to implement changes based on gamer feedback during the PC Open Beta.

On top of the news about cross-platform, Blizzard shared that both the mobile and PC versions of the game will be controller compatible. Despite player reservations about the game, it's clear "Diablo Immortal" has removed as many barriers as possible to win back the hearts of its fans.