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Where Does Diablo Immortal Take Place In The Diablo Timeline?

Whether "Diablo" fans like it or not, the upcoming first mobile entry in the series is going to take the franchise in a new direction. Though many gamers are chomping at the bit for the release of their preferred game "Diablo 4," it'll be hard for any fan of the series to turn down new content, even if it's not exactly what they're looking for. This rings especially true since the game is free-to-play and also available on PC. And, the MMO action RPG will fully support cross-play and cross-progression, removing yet another roadblock out of the way of potential players still unsure about the game.


Since "Diablo Immortal" feels like a bit of a wildcard in an otherwise linear series, it follows that fans want to know when the new entry falls in the "Diablo" timeline. Fortunately, the creators of the game have specified exactly when the game is set.

Diablo Immortal Takes Place Between Diablo 2 and 3

According to the official "Diablo Immortal" website, the game will take place in the gap between "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3." Billed as "an untold chapter in the 'Diablo' saga," the story of "Diablo Immortal" is described as picking up the story as players go in search of pieces of the shattered Worldstone.


Given it is a mobile game, "Diablo Immortal" shouldn't require too much in-depth lore knowledge to enjoy. That being said, a bit of context certainly helps bring it to life, especially since there are clear connections to existing characters and plotlines. When it comes to "Diablo 2," the successful sequel ushered even more demonic villains into the world of Sanctuary as well as a different protagonist for players to embody, though it was still fairly straightforward compared with what came next.

Twelve years later, the 2012 release of "Diablo 3" brought with it an in-game time jump of 20 years. The plot kicks off strong with what looks to be a falling star destroying a cathedral, only the falling star is soon discovered to be fallen angel Tyrael. Much of the rest of the game centers around the use of the Black Soulstone, and plenty of battles ensue.


As far as what may happen between these two very different stories, there's no saying what characters, plot points, and references to other games may take place. It seems probable the folks behind "Diablo Immortal" will work to weave together some key nods to the other "Diablo games" in the series to create a streamlined story that appeals to fans of the franchise.