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Adin Ross Raises More Questions Than Answers About Future Plans

The product of one of the most sudden rises in popularity ever documented, Adin Ross exploded onto the Twitch streaming scene in 2020. Ross — who primarily streamed "NBA 2K" content — rapidly picked up momentum, becoming friends with figures such as Lebron "Bronny" James Jr. and leading the call for the "NBA 2K" series to be restored to its glory days after "NBA 2K21" left him dissatisfied. Ross' content grew well beyond that of "NBA 2K" when he began streaming games such as "Grand Theft Auto 5", hosting "Just Chatting" streams, and even creating his own dating competition. At his peak, Ross reportedly accumulated over 5 million followers on Twitch before it all came crashing down.

In April 2022, Ross was hit with a sudden ban which left him suspended from Twitch indefinitely due to supposed "hateful conduct." Speculation pointed to Ross using a homophobic slur during a stream with YourRAGE, though it remains unclear if Ross was even the person who uttered the slur in question. Up until this point, Ross' ban from Twitch has been rather ambiguous; however, Ross broke his silence regarding the situation and future in the streaming space in a series of now deleted social media posts. Unfortunately, these revelations have brought about more questions than answers.

Adin Ross reportedly says he cannot stream

In the immediate aftermath of his Twitch ban, Adin Ross maintained his silence on social media and didn't post anything for nearly a month. However, the 21-year-old streamer recently opened up about the situation and his confusion regarding what incident sparked it. "I got banned on [T]witch, indefinitely," Ross said in a since-deleted tweet (via Dexerto). "I am not sure what I said though? I'm not sure what I did?" In another batch of now-deleted posts to social media, Ross posted a "soon" emoji on his second Twitter profile. Ross later said that he was unable to stream, sharing what seemed to be a reference to some kind of legal document. He also said that the issue is a huge source of sadness for him.

Given his ban from Twitch, some fans have speculated that he will eventually move to YouTube's streaming platform exclusively. But given Ross' possible allusions to being legally barred from streaming, it's possible that contractual obligations to Twitch could make him unable to make such a switch. According to Dexerto, Ross is still partnered with Twitch, which could mean that a resolution could be reached down the line. A messy situation indeed.