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Diablo Immortal: How To Upgrade Gear

"Diablo Immortal" is now available on PC and mobile, letting players slay demons and collect loot on the go. While the game was met with controversy when it was first announced for being a mobile game, it seems as though people are happy with it now that it's available to play. From a story perspective, "Diablo Immortal" takes place between "Diablo 2" and "Diablo 3," covering some of what happened in between those games and satisfying fans of the series' narrative. 


Although "Diablo Immortal" won't be launching in a few regions due to laws around loot boxes, it did also get a PC release for fans who don't want to go mobile. And despite being designed as a free-to-play mobile game, "Diablo Immortal" shares many systems with other "Diablo" games, including the ability to upgrade the gear you already have if you can't seem to find better loot.

Here is how to upgrade your gear in "Diablo Immortal."

Scrap loot you don't want to upgrade loot you need

After completing a few of the early missions, players will be introduced to Blacksmiths, a type of shopkeeper found throughout the game. Blacksmiths are able to upgrade gear of Rare quality, which items with a yellow aura or better (per Dot Esports). Magic items and common items (blue and gray respectively) cannot be upgraded, but you will likely have found high quality items for most of your equipment slots at this point in the game.


In order to get Scrap Materials, which are used for upgrading, you will want to take all of your unwanted loot whenever you reach a town and have the Blacksmith salvage it for you (per Wowhead). You will also need Enchanted Dust to upgrade items, which can be obtained by defeating enemies, looting chests, salvaging Rare equipment, and completing side quests. A materials vendor near each Blacksmith will give you one Enchanted Dust for 10 Scrap Materials. 

The amount of gold, Scrap Materials, and Enchanted Dust needed for each upgrade level increases as you get higher. Upgrade levels can also be transferred to other items at the Blacksmith if you find a better piece of loot.