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We Finally Know The Title Of The New Dragon Age Game

Between 2009 and 2014, it seemed that Electronic Arts was really pushing to make the "Dragon Age" series a consistent success. In that five-year timespan, the BioWare-developed series spawned three mainline releases in the form of "Dragon Age: Origins," "Dragon Age 2," and "Dragon Age: Inquisition" — plus all of the accompanying expansions for each. All three of the fantasy-action games did well critically and commercially, solidifying their place as one of the most beloved RPG series. The series has been dormant since the release of "Inquisition," and fans have begged for news of another sequel for years.


In the aftermath of the release of "Inquisition," EA and BioWare remained tight-lipped regarding the "Dragon Age" series' future until the 2018 Game Awards, during which BioWare at last provided fans with a cool tease utilizing the crystalline red lyrium and Solas from "Dragon Age: Inquisition," confirming a fourth mainline title. BioWare again teased an impending "Dragon Age 4" release at the 2020 Game Awards by showing off yet another teaser trailer featuring Solas. And now, nearly four years after the game's initial announcement, fans of the series finally know the title for the new "Dragon Age" game.

The new Dragon Age game will be called Dreadwolf

On June 2, the official "Dragon Age" Twitter profile posted an animation revealing the subtitle of the next "Dragon Age" installment: "Dreadwolf." This title is in reference to the aforementioned Solas character, nicknamed the Dread Wolf and is considered to be an evil elven god who has a somewhat tumultuous relationship with the Dalish. BioWare's official press release announcing this title talks up the legend of Solas — the mage known as the Dread Wolf — and seemingly confirms him as the game's main antagonist, or at least a major threat. BioWare also implies that, as in previous "Dragon Age" games, players will be able to create their own main character when taking the battle to Solas.


Outside of revealing the title, no other information was disclosed regarding the upcoming "Dragon Age: Dreadwolf" or its launch date. However, the press release does state that more information regarding "Dreadwolf" will be revealed at some point later in 2022. Despite the lack of more detailed information, fans seem to have taken to the new title quite well. Even the official "Among Us" Twitter profile tweeted its excitement for the upcoming fantasy game. Bizarrely enough, Axe Body Spray's profile responded to "Among Us" with "ur welcome." Looks like this is the game that literally everyone's been waiting for.