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V Rising: How To Get Paper And What It Does

"V Rising" is an isometric RPG about becoming the best vampire in the land and building a sweet castle. It's the latest in a long line of early access titles that have found massive success on Steam, similar to "Valheim" last year. "V Rising" has multiple mechanics, like vampire powers and crafting systems. It's important to level up your gear score and take down boss enemies to unlock new powers. You'll also spend a large amount of game time acquiring materials to access new technologies and crafting recipes, allowing you to create better gear or build up your castle.


While there are many resources to craft and gather in "V Rising," one of the most important is Paper. While it might not seem crucial, Paper is fundamental for advancement, even if it can be a bit difficult to collect early on. Here is what Paper does and how to get it in "V Rising."

Paper is used to research new technologies in V Rising

Paper lets you research technology at the Research Desk. The Research Desk unlocks castle structures, weapons, armor, magic, and many other necessities in "V Rising." Paper also lets you craft Scrolls for researching technologies at the Study. These include additional castle structures, along with the Merciless Hallowfang armor set and the Merciless Iron weapons.


You can craft Paper by making a Paper Press, which is researched via the Study after beating the boss Nicholaus the Fallen. It requires 12 Planks and 12 Copper Ingots to build. It takes 3 Plant Fibres and 9 Sawdust to produce 1 Paper using the Paper Press. Prior to creating the Paper Press, Paper can be found at bandit camps across the map, including logging camps, trapper camps, and strongholds. Paper is typically dropped by baddies, but can also turn up in chests, barrels, and crates in these areas.