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The Actress Who Played Laura's Monster Form In The Evil Within Is Gorgeous In Real Life

The brainchild of "Resident Evil" designer Shinji Mikami, "The Evil Within" is the survival horror game players definitely don't want to tackle alone. That is, unless they're looking for a terrifying solo experience. Full of contorted enemies, crowded spaces, and sparse supplies, "The Evil Within" games give players a thrilling and terrifying experience. So, it might come as a surprise that a game of such horrendous proportions also has a totally crush-worthy actress as one of its shining stars.


Obviously, horror games tend to blur one's judgment, so it's totally understandable that many may have missed recognizing the monster form of Laura from "The Evil Within" due to her sheer grotesqueness. However, the actress who plays her is talented, beautiful, and totally not mutated. The star behind Monster Laura first got her big break as Xena's daughter in "Xena: Warrior Princess" all the way back in 2000, and since then, she's also had appearances in both "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" films in what's become a long and consistently active career. So, who is the actress in question?

Amazing Adrienne Wilkinson

For those who haven't guessed it already, the actress who plays Monster Laura in "The Evil Within" is none other than Adrienne Wilkinson. This prolific actress has over 70 credits in everything from film to TV to games, including roles in "Epic Seven," "Rise of the Tomb Raider," and multiple "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" games. She also has multiple credits as a producer and a few as a director and writer.


It's not just Wilkinson's looks that make her captivatingly beautiful. What's really worth celebrating is that she's gorgeous on the inside. Recently, Wilkinson spearheaded not one but two charity events to help families in financial need, including both a massive meet and greet offering as well as an auction. She also has an adorable tiny dog, and who can resist an animal lover?

Playing Monster Laura wasn't Wilkinson's average gig — not that she has such a thing given her vast variety of work. Instead of traditional voice acting, much of the work for Monster Laura was screaming, shrieking, and sounding all-out spooky. Wilkinson nailed the role so much that fans of "The Evil Within" probably never even considered they might fight the person behind the deformed monster attractive.


Busy as always, Wilkinson keeps both her Twitter and Instagram active. So, newfound fans can follow her latest projects and check out more of her photos both in and out of character.