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Disney Dreamlight Valley - What We Know So Far

Disney has continued its hot streak of game announcements with the reveal of "Disney Dreamlight Valley," a life-sim adventure in which players can build and design a town with their favorite Disney and Pixar characters. "Disney Dreamlight Valley" is being developed by Gameloft, a studio primarily known for its mobile entries. The project appears to combine elements from titles like "Stardew Valley," "The Sims," and "Animal Crossing."


"Disney Dreamlight Valley" is billed as free-to-play, although players will have the opportunity to purchase a Founder's Pack. It is unclear at this time what sort of monetization model the developers plan to use. However, the official FAQ mentions "purchasable expansion options," as well as cosmetics and an in-game economy. Here's what you should know about "Disney Dreamlight Valley."

Disney Dreamlight Valley release date

"Disney Dreamlight Valley" is set to release in 2023, however it will enter an Early Access period in summer 2022, which you can get in on by either buying a Founder's Pack or Xbox Game Pass subscription. It will launch on PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Gameloft has not revealed the exact details or cost of the Founder's Pack, however the online FAQ states that it will include exclusive cosmetics and in-game currency in addition to Early Access to the game.


It's unclear exactly how long "Disney Dreamlight Valley" will be in an Early Access phase, but any big fans of Disney or titles like "Stardew Valley" will likely want to jump in ahead of the official launch. While the summer 2022 release date has not been narrowed down yet, more details should turn up soon.

Disney Dreamlight Valley trailer

"Disney Dreamlight Valley" was unveiled alongside a short trailer. Despite its length, the sequence includes a ton of important details about the game. First, it reveals that Pixar characters will appear alongside Disney heroes and villains. It also highlights a few different areas, including winter woods, ruins, an ocean, a kitchen, and an underwater cavern.


The main part of the valley contains the Disney Dream Castle, which has been overgrown by some menacing looking foliage as a result of an event called The Forgetting. To bring light back to the Valley, players need to rebuild the town and complete tasks for the local Disney and Pixar cast. The trailer portrays the player character mining and solving puzzles, so expect a decent amount of exploration. It's also clear that you'll get the chance to recreate iconic scenes from movies like "Ratatouille" and "Moana."

Disney Dreamlight Valley gameplay

Based on the announcement and biome first look blog posts, players will be responsible for gathering resources, crafting items, and growing crops in "Disney Dreamlight Valley." They will also interact with different Disney and Pixar characters and perform tasks for them to get them to help the Valley. Completing these objectives will restore the lost memories of the heroes and villains and clear away The Forgetting's Night Thorns.


The website also says players will get to build relationships with the different Disney characters, although it is unlikely that there will be a dating aspect to the game. There are other activities as well, like cooking and fishing. Players can customize their avatar via a host of themed outfits and decorate their home with unique furniture. The biomes, such as the Plaza and Glade of Trust, offer different projects to take part in and hidden features to uncover.