Rollerdrome Release Date, Trailer, And Gameplay - What We Know So Far

Those who tuned into the June 2 Sony State of Play presentation encountered a few surprises alongside expected appearances from titles like "Street Fighter 6" and "Final Fantasy 16." Among the notable mentions is "Rollerdrome," a fast-paced roller-skating shooter equal parts action and style. Equipped with a pair of skates and an array of weaponry, "Rollerdrome" charges players with cruising through a variety of arenas to down opponents in the most popular blood sport of 2030.


While it made its premier during the event, fans of the cult classic "Jet Set Radio" should feel right at home, as the game appears heavily influenced by the breakneck action found in the legendary title. Players have clamored for a "Jet Set Radio" reboot for years, and though Sega has considered reviving the franchise for its Super Game Initiative, no one knows when – or even if — it will get the treatment it deserves. That's looking to be less of a concern now though, as "Rollerdrome" channels big "Jet Set Radio" vibes and even looks to bring its own unique spin to the table. Here's everything players should know about "Rollerdrome."

When is the release date for Rollerdrome?

Those interested in what "Rollerdrome" has to offer won't be left in the dark for long, as the title is actually a lot closer to release than many may have expected. Players will be able to get their hands on the roller-skating shooter on August 16 of this year — only about two months out from its announcement. "Rollerdrome" is currently slated to launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.


Fans have reacted to the announcement with a fair share of excitement and no shortage of comparison to "Jet Set Radio." Commenting on a tweet showcasing the reveal, one user said, "I am so hyped for this game!" They weren't the only one, as many others in the comments firmly supported the title and even found joy in it just from its reveal. Still others made comments like, "Jet Set Radio Murder???" adding to the tidal wave of onlookers viewing "Rollerdrome" as a spiritual successor to a classic. 

Is there a trailer for Rollerdrome?

"Rollerdrome" received its first and only official trailer during the June 2 PlayStation State of Play event. Acting as a reveal trailer and showing off a good chunk of gameplay, the video gives prospective buyers a pretty good idea as to whether they'll be strapping on some skates and grabbing some guns to join in on the fun. 


The trailer opens with a narrator explaining the background setting for the title: "In the year 2030, a new blood sport grips the globe. And in the arena, there will only be the victorious and the dead." While this is spoken, the trailer cuts between shots of different arena-like stages, showcasing several biomes. Before long viewers can see the player character skating up to enter the arena, leading to multiple snippets of gameplay showing the character performing stunts and pulling off trick shots. The trailer concludes with the narrator returning to say, "The world is watching in 'Rollerdrome.'"

What is the gameplay like in Rollerdrome?

The setting in "Rollerdrome" opens up some interesting gameplay options. Featuring a protagonist on rollerblades with a firearm, the title seems to channel elements from games like "Superhot" and "My Friend Pedro" for gunplay, while movement and traversal appear more akin to "Jet Set Radio." In the trailer, the protagonist speeds across arenas, grinding rails, and leaping off ramps — all while lining up shots with the title's equivalent of bullet time.


A PlayStation Blog post accompanied the reveal, offering a bit more info about what players will get into. According to writer Jimmy Tyssen Smith, developer Roll7 built "Rollerdrome" with constant player motion in mind. With the various enemies in the arena outnumbering the player, stopping could spell disaster for the jumpsuit-clad protagonist. To find success, players need to keep up their speed and tactfully use the Super Reflex Mode — a short burst of slow-motion — that not only helps line up tricky shots but also adds a 1.5x damage modifier. 

In addition to all the speedy action, there are several moments in the trailer where the character pulls off some sweet flips and spins to compliment the roller derby carnage. These aren't just for show, as players will be scored on their performance in "Rollerdrome." On top of this, ammo is limited and mainly recovered by landing some cool tricks. The more impressive the trick, the more ammo received.