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The Biggest Cheats And Secrets In Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

When it comes to open-world games, it's impossible to ignore "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." The game is iconic for the genre, and there have been plenty of other titles that have tried to recreate its appeal since. Even Nintendo is cashing in on the overwhelming love for the game with "Breath of the Wild 2." 


While some people are fantasizing about what the next game in the series could look like, others are still enjoying the 2017 title. There are some impressive and incredible world records in the game, and gamers have beaten the game in bizarre ways just to say they can.

"Breath of the Wild" gives players an almost ridiculous amount of freedom and control of mechanics and physics that can be used with a creative mind. Because of this, there are a ton of little cheats and secrets in the game that make it pretty fun to mess around with, and some of the biggest ones are entertaining to try out.

Can't. Stop. Running.

The stamina meter in "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is a system that would generally limit how much you can run or climb around the map. However, there's actually a way to infinitely run in the game, which makes getting around the map – or getting away from terrifying bosses – much easier.


Reddit user gonzolaid shared how to never stop running. All you have to do is run, hold the whistle button, and then spam the run button (B). The more you spam the button, the faster you'll go. However, the user pointed out that Link won't run as quickly as his normal run. In order to maximize how much distance Link can cross with the cheat, simply use the cheat once he's run out of stamina. The stamina circle will refill while using the cheat, so just wait for his stamina to be back at full again. Then Link can run at a faster speed and you can start the cycle over again.

YouTuber Andruidus shows what this looks like – just keep in mind that their instructions are a bit off in the video because of a patch to the game.


Get going with minecarts and Magnesis

Link unlocks a variety of different abilities at the beginning of the game. One of these abilities is called Magnesis, and it allows him to carry and levitate any metal object. This ability can be used to manipulate plenty of objects around the map and in Shrines, and some of the most interesting items happen to be minecarts.


Reddit user dbwall explained that all you have to do is hop in a Minecart and Magnesis a weapon against it to go wherever you want. Other people enjoy flying in minecarts. You can do this pretty easily by dropping a Remote Bomb in the basket on the minecart to get going. Others use Stasis, another one of Link's abilities, and a hammer to pause time for the minecart while repeatedly hitting the cart to make it blast off once Stasis wears off.

ZeldaSpeedRuns shared how to use two minecarts to create a Flying Machine, and while it takes a bit of perfection, it's fun to literally fly around the map. Making one is as easy (or difficult) as standing on one minecart while placing another one on top perpendicularly. Jump on top of the top minecart and use Magnesis on the bottom minecart, making sure to keep Link in the middle of the top minecart while you zoom around.


Cheating the Myahm Agana Shrine

One of the hardest parts of "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" is getting through the Shrines. They generally require a precise strategy to successfully complete, and the Myahm Agana Shrine is no different. Players are tasked with tilting a giant maze around and getting a ball successfully to the end of it without the ball falling off the exposed corners.


It's more challenging than it sounds, but there's a quick and easy way to get around the difficult controls – simply flip the board upside down while waiting for a ball to drop down (via YouTuber Christopher Franko). The maze is suddenly gone, and all you need to do is get the ball to the goal spot by tilting the board and getting the angle correct at the end. You may not get it on your first try, but it's much easier than trying to get through the maze while also getting the correct angle at the end.

The benefits of a Blood Moon

While you can get through "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" without utilizing the cooking feature, there's no reason to ignore it. Besides the fun jingle and the experimental recipes you can try, there are actually some pretty great buffs you can get from eating said food. There's also a chance for getting extra buffs, and cooking under the Blood Moon is a surefire way to do it.


Reddit user Most-Impressive explained how it works, saying that you need to cook between 11:30 and 12:15 in order to get the extra bonus on your food. Other players chimed in, talking about how great the bonus is for an unexpected reason: making cash. Cooked meals make quite a bit of money, and they make even more if there are extra bonuses. This is a crucial part of many in-game purchases, whether you're buying armor or even buying a house.

Unleash Cuccos on your enemies

One of the weirdest things in "The Legend of Zelda" series is the Cuccos mechanics. The chicken-like creatures are pretty harmless until you decide to go after one of them. At that point, be ready to take on an entire mob. This feature does still exist in "Breath of the Wild," but there's a catch: you can use a mad swarm of Cuccos to take down your enemies.


YouTuber Master0fHyrule has several clips where they tricked the Cuccos into attacking things other than Link. Based on the clips, you can either let yourself get hit by an enemy while holding a Cucco or throw a Cucco directly at an enemy. At one point, Master0fHyrule also just gets close to enemies after attacking a Cucco to let them hit his enemies when they try to dive-bomb Link and miss.

The Cuccos do a surprising amount of damage, too – they very quickly take down at least 20% of the Hinox boss' health.