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N0tail: The Truth About The Best Dota 2 Player In The World

OBA games are popular, with massive titles like "League of Legends" and "Dota 2" even getting TV series that everyone should check out. Both games also have incredibly popular esports scenes with incredible players. When it comes to the best "Dota 2" player, Johan "N0tail" Sundstein is one of the best, making more prize money than all of his counterparts (via Esports Earnings).


N0tail started competitively playing "Dota 2" at the age of 18 back in 2012. From the very beginning, he won the first two competitions he participated in and consistently placed in the top 10 for the rest of his career – more often than not, he would take first place in most competitions he was in.

His success led to him co-founding the esports team OG, which competes in "Dota 2" and "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive." However, despite being at the top of "Dota 2" players, N0tail hasn't always had an easy time. Here's the truth about the best "Dota 2" player in the world.

N0tail has made an astonishing amount of money

While not every esport sees incredibly high payouts, "Dota 2" players make a surprising amount of money. According to Esports Earnings, the top 76 players have made over $1 million just by playing the game, and "Dota 2" tournaments have rewarded over $283 million overall.


N0tail has made quite a bit more than most other players. Throughout his lifetime, he's made over $7 million, which One Esports pointed out makes him the highest-earning esports player across any game. He's used the money to buy a $2 million home that's set up with top-of-the-line gaming gear, and some of OG's team lives with him. With 17 bedrooms, there's plenty of space for the group to get together and practice — something the players inevitably do often in order to consistently do well in global competitions. However, all that work can sometimes have a negative impact on one's mental health.

N0tail struggled with a good work/life balance

While N0tail has seen a lot of success, it didn't come easily. There are plenty of skills and techniques that he had to learn and perfect in order to rise to the top, and he also had to learn how to have a healthy work/life balance in the midst of having a career in gaming.


In January 2022, N0tail spoke out about how difficult it was to work as a professional "Dota 2" player, saying, "You need to be ready to sacrifice all your time ... if you're not the best, if your peak, your talent, and whatever else you have is not good enough, then the only thing you can do is work harder."

He pointed out that being in the pro scene is asking for more and more time, especially compared to previous years in the competition – and it's difficult to have any kind of life that isn't focused on grinding to the top. He went so far as to call it unhealthy and point out that it actually hurts how well players can play. Considering N0tail decided to take a "health break" from the scene in 2021, these problems could be a big reason why.


Now, N0tail dedicates time to other things

After he announced that he was taking a break, N0tail turned his attention to other things. While taking a break from the professional side of "Dota 2," N0tail has stayed in the community. He's been streaming on his Twitch account, BigDaddy, and he even has a podcast about the game with fellow player JMR called The OG Monkey Business Show.


He's also focused on investing in his personal health, taking to Instagram to share his fitness journey quite often. N0tail additionally posted about his views on taking care of the world he lives in and his love for dogs.

While he didn't officially retire, N0tail seemed to enjoy his time away from the stressful scene and took advantage of the time by doing things that focused on his mental health. This is something that, in an interview with BBC News, N0tail explained that he's struggled with in the past.