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Mario Strikers: Battle League: How To Create Or Join A Strikers Club

Fans have been waiting a long time for a new entry in Nintendo's "Mario Strikers" series. "Mario Strikers: Battle League" aims to reinvigorate the franchise, letting players once again take to the field as Mario and his friends to play some super-powered soccer. Though the series has been dormant for 15 years, the latest entry isn't pulling any punches, offering a wide cast of characters and making some much-needed changes to bring the title up to speed with the experience players expect out of contemporary sports titles. 

Though the predecessor to "Mario Strikers: Battle League" first introduced online play to the series, this new entry offers a much more dynamic experience by letting players join or create Strikers Clubs. These clubs let players join together with up to 19 others to form a pool of like-minded players to battle it out against other Strikers Clubs in the title's online play. Here's everything players need to know about Strikers Clubs, including how to join or create one.

How to join a Strikers Club

According to Game8, joining a Strikers Club in "Mario Strikers: Battle League" couldn't be simpler. All players have to do is accept an invite sent by a Strikers Club owner to join up with that group. This said, players won't need to feel forced to constantly play with their fellow Club mates online, as those who join a Strikers Club are still able to play by themselves if they'd like to. However, prospective newcomers to a Strikers Club ought to take a look at that particular group's Club Settings, as things like uniforms, policies regarding the group's motivations and even the Club's region will be displayed.

Of course, if players choose to create their own Strikers Club, they'll be the one with complete control over these options — and that just may be the way to go if a player is unsure whether they align with someone else's Club Settings.

How to create a Strikers Club

Game8 also explains how players can create a Strikers Club with relative ease from the same menu where they'd look to accept an invitation to join someone else's group. Pressing Y will take players to a new screen where they'll be able to give their Strikers Club a name, as well as customize several other factors for their Club. Alterations can be made at any time, but it'll cost the Club owner Club Coins — which are earned by all members of the Strikers Club by participating in matches.

Aside from the appearance of Club member's uniforms, Club owners can also set a home stadium and preferred region of play on top of Club Policy. A Club Policy represents the aim of a specific Strikers Club — whether that means it's just a group of friends playing for fun, or a team of pros that want to earn the title's highest accolades.