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Goat Simulator 3 Just Took A Shot At Dead Island 2

The new "Goat Simulator" game was revealed during this year's Summer Game Fest opening night livestream, but Epic Games did so in a way that clowned on a very different game that fans have been waiting for. 


Prior to the announcement trailer's premiere, Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley teased that the show was about to unveil a long-awaited and much-delayed sequel. The trailer then began with a man putting in his earbuds and going for a leisurely jog. Despite the brighter and more cartoony art-style, fans of zombie horror were instantly reminded of the reveal trailer for "Dead Island 2." 

However, instead of being overrun by zombies like in the original trailer, this jogger is oblivious to all kinds of explosive chaos behind him — all of which is being perpetrated by invincible goats. That's right; "Goat Simulator" is back. When the jogger finally turns around, he's faced by the killer goats, who leap at him just like the undead in the original "Dead Island 2" trailer. That's when the title of the new game is revealed: "Goat Simulator 3," a title that hilariously ignores the fact that "Goat Simulator 2" literally doesn't exist.


From Dead Island 2 to Goat Simulator 3

"Dead Island 2" was first announced during the 2014 E3 conference, coming out of the gate swinging with the aforementioned trailer. Since then, there have been very few updates on the project. Despite insistences that "Dead Island 2" is still happening, fans still wonder if the game is still coming out anytime in the near future. Epic Games and Coffee Stain North clearly counted on this fact when they decided to ape the infamous trailer to promote "Goat Simulator 3."


As noted by many gaming fans and folks in the industry, the trailer is already hilarious on its own. However, the joke takes on a whole new life for people plugged in enough to be familiar with the subject of the parody. Some even fell for the gag before the ridiculous goat reveal! As PC Mag's Jordan Minor quipped, "Imagine being terminally online enough to understand a parody of the Dead Island 2 trailer."

Whether you fell for the misdirect or saw right through it, one thing's for sure: Epic Games is already having a lot of fun with "Goat Simulator 3."