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Diablo Immortal: How To Complete The Ancient Nightmare Event

With "Diablo Immortal" being a free-to-play mobile game, it features a variety of different events for players to engage with. One of these is the Ancient Nightmare, which offers the opportunity to earn some high tier loot. Unfortunately, "Diablo Immortal" has been marred with a variety of issues since its launch, many of which have overshadowed the quality of the game itself. The biggest issue is the monetization and reliance on microtransactions, which has led some players to believe the game is pay-to-win, since obtaining some rare items could cost in the five figures. The issue is so bad that "Diablo Immortal" has achieved an incredibly low user score on Metacritic.

However, other players have chosen to ignore these mechanics in favor of having a good time playing a mobile "Diablo" game. "Diablo Immortal" features a wide variety of classes to choose from as you adventure through its world. Here is how you can activate and complete the Ancient Nightmare event in "Diablo Immortal" and get some nice gear for your troubles.

Ancient Nightmare has some range

According to Gameranx, the Ancient Nightmare event runs every two hours, on the hour, from 8 AM to Midnight server time. The event takes place in the Misty Valley, where players must take down a giant monster. However, the monster has shields, which can be disabled by activating shrines scattered throughout the valley. The other option is to use the Zakarum Sigil to deactivate the shields, which can be obtained by beating the Lord Martanos boss in the Lord's Grave, which is located to the west of Frozen Descent Waypoint.

After activating the shrines or using the sigil, players will be able to attack the Ancient Nightmare for a short period of time. Players will need to unload as much damage as they can muster to take it out. The shields may need to be disabled more than once to kill it. As noted by SegmentNext, you're going to want to keep your distance as much as possible, because the monster's attacks have a pretty large area of effect. If you have ranged attacks, this is the time to make use of them. In that case, the Demon Hunter class might be best suited for this particular battle.

After the enemy's defeat, it will drop loot for you where it died. There is no limit to the number of times you can run the Ancient Nightmare event or defeat Lord Martanos, so repeating these steps this is a solid way to farm for better gear.