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Diablo Immortal: How To Find And Kill The Blood Rose Boss

Fans never asked for "Diablo Immortal," and since it's been released, the mobile game has been quite the controversy. Though critics were pleasantly surprised by some aspects of "Diablo Immortal," they didn't love its paper-thin plot or pay-to-win structure.

Surprisingly, the mixed critical reviews represent the closest thing to glowing feedback the game has received. "Diablo Immortal" crossed an unfortunate milestone on Metacritic when it became one of the lowest-ranked Blizzard games with a whopping 0.6/10 ranking that has since descended to 0.5/10. The game's poor reception could be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy, since many fans were openly against it since its 2018 announcement.

Despite the rocky launch of "Diablo Immortal" – to put things lightly – gamers are still playing. After all, the title is free-to-play, albeit with a host of microtransactions. Add to that the fact that "Diablo 4" likely isn't coming anytime soon and players have all the more reason to take what they can get.

Though the game is clearly far from perfect, "Diablo Immortal" has been applauded for how much it feels like a main series "Diablo" game even though mobile changes things up quite a bit. One of the most thrilling parts of the game is hunting down bosses, including the illustrious Blood Rose boss. Here's how to get past that part of the game.

Defeating the Blood Rose

According to multiple sources, the Blood Rose is a boss players can encounter in two ways (via IGN, gosunoob) . As a main story boss, she can be found in the Dark Wood. Or, during the Purify the Corruption zone event, she serves as a world boss that players can defeat as a group, which makes killing her much easier.

Finding the Blood Rose isn't too hard. Players can get to her in the Northwest region of the Dark Wood. When approaching from the North, she's just past the Sanguine Ruins. Or, if coming from the Cursed Grove, players can proceed down the path Northwest.

For the battle with the Blood Rose itself, it's important players prepare for the long-haul two-stage fight. The first stage is fairly manageable. The key is dodging the Blood Rose's various attacks, including an arc of blood she spurts out, as well as bloody and sharp projectiles. As her health decreases, the Blood Rose adds some new attacks, and she's even resurrected in the solo version of the fight, so players should plan for a long game.

In her final phase, the Blood Rose adds Dark Creeper vines into the mix, making it harder to get close to her. Most importantly, her fiercest attack involves draining the player's health if they're in a particular area, which in turn restores her health. The best bet is to avoid this area of attack, though super strong and confident players can take a risk that they'll damage her more and press on attacking. Overall, a combination of strategic dodges, close-range attacks, and an awareness of her patterns can certainly help gamers defeat the Blood Rose.