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Every Dr Disrespect Clone Ranked Worst To Best

Dr Disrespect is one of the most controversial faces in the gaming industry. After his mysterious Twitch ban left a lot of unanswered questions for fans, the streamer moved to YouTube to continue making content. That's not all he does, either – he's got his own game studio that's working to make a battle royale title.

Part of Dr Disrespect's flair is due to the fact that whenever he's in front of the camera, he shows up in costume. While fans know what Dr Disrespect really looks like out of costume, the iconic black mullet and mustache with the colored sunglasses and signature red and black outfit show up in all of his videos. The Two Timer has been in the streaming scene for quite some time, and he's well-known between FPS fans and other streamers.

Combine his popularity and his signature look, and you get clones of Dr Disrespect popping up everywhere. Streamers have copied his look for laughs – and to fight Twitch's shady ban policies – while fans have copied it out of admiration. Here are some of the best Dr Disrespect clones out there, ranked from worst to best.

Blooper, the Atlanta Braves Mascot

Dr Disrespect's look made it all the way onto the baseball field when Blooper, the official mascot of the Atlanta Braves, dressed up as the streamer in 2021. The mascot shared a short video of the costume on Twitter with the caption "SNAP EM UP YAYAYAYAYA," which happens to be one of the Doc's catchphrases. In the video, Blooper's also miming a popular gif of the Doc, as Twitter user @ajhr__vypur pointed out.

Blooper followed it up with another tweet mimicking Dr Disrespect's personality, and fans loved it. There were many comments that simply said "Violence. Speed. Momentum" — the title of the Doc's book. The cosplay included everything about the Two Timer's look, which is pretty great considering the Atlanta Braves' team colors are white, blue, red, and gold – not the darker red and black of Dr Disrespect's costume.

For baseball fans, this was a pretty cool Dr Disrespect homage. However, in the grand scheme of Dr Disrespect clones, Blooper's costume is outdone by a number of others.


Dr Disrespect's known for playing FPS games, including "Call of Duty: Warzone." Another streamer and pro in the FPS scene, ZLaner, decided to dress up as Dr Disrespect in order to pay tribute to his buddy. The costume wasn't anything extravagant, but there was one major problem that made his cosplay backfire: Zlaner was streaming on Twitch when he did it, and Dr Disrespect is banned on the platform.

Zlaner was barred from entering the $75,000 Twitch Rivals Warzone tournament, likely because his costume referenced the Doc. Anyone banned from streaming on Twitch also isn't allowed to be on anyone else's Twitch channel, per the platform's user agreement, and even though ZLaner didn't bring Dr Disrespect on his channel, the cosplay itself might have been too much for Twitch's guidelines.

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding the controversial cosplay, ZLaner's Dr Disrespect costume is one of the best ones just because of the wig he chose. However, the lack of a red tactical vest has him sitting lower on this list.

TSM Viss

After Twitch's shady actions against ZLaner, TSM Viss also dressed as Dr Disrespect in a move that made it look like he was sticking it to the Purple Snakes. While Viss didn't say anything about ZLaner's ban, the pro player's costume was perfectly timed and a step up from the original.

With an outfit and hair to match, Viss' costume was pretty spot-on to the Doc's classic look. While he didn't come up with the perfect, thick mustache to complete the look, Viss' own mustache and beard came close, setting him apart from other Doc cosplayers. He even imitated the Two Timer's voice and catchphrases.

While ZLaner got banned from a Twitch competition, Viss didn't face any repercussions from his cosplay. It could be due to the fact that the cosplay came about after raising money for charity. Maybe Twitch has a bigger heart and will let things slide more than anyone realized.


After TimTheTatman's YouTube move had the internet going wild, he and Dr Disrespect were finally able to stream games together. Even though the two couldn't game together for a time, the two were still friends, and Tim even accidentally, and somewhat jokingly, dressed as the Two Timer.

On Twitter, TimTheTatman shared a clip of his stream while wearing a green utility vest, calling himself "Timmy Tenders" while labeling the video "Dr. Foodrespect." While Tim's vest was green where the Doc's is red, he added in a pair of sunglasses to look more like Dr Disrespect. He seemed to have fun with it, too, adding background noise and speaking similarly to the Doc.

While the costume looked more like a stylistic interpretation from Tim on the Doc's outfit, the Two Timer himself approved of it on Twitter, which makes his costume significant compared to others. Overall, Tim's take on the Doc paid off.


There's no shortage of jokesters on the internet, and Esfand may be one of the biggest ones out there. However, the Twitch streamer also has some surprising skills when it comes to becoming a clone of Dr Disrespect, and he earned his place at the top of this list for good reason.

For Halloween 2021, Esfand went all-out and dressed identically to the Doc. He even adopted aspects of Dr Disrespect's stream, like walking in over an image of the Doc's red lambo. He went so far as to joke around and say that "he" (acting as Dr Disrespect) was coming back to Twitch, all while talking emphatically and mimicking the Two Timer's way of speaking with his hands. The overall performance Esfand delivered to fans gave the impression of watching one of Dr Disrespect's own intros, where he provides motivational speeches to fans before beginning his gaming session.