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Minecraft Legends - What We Know So Far

"Minecraft" has been wildly popular and going strong for well over a decade. Fans just can't get enough of the crafting, the battling, and of course, the blocks that make up everything in its very unique world. There's so much love for "Minecraft" that it made its creator a billionaire. While the game could afford to rest on its laurels, that's just not in the cards. The folks behind the hit game have announced a new title that's a fusion of what players love about "Minecraft" and brand new gameplay mechanics and storytelling.


During the Summer Game Fest Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase on June 12, 2022, "Minecraft" fans got a lot more than they bargained for. "Minecraft Legends" has been revealed as an upcoming action RPG spin on the beloved block-centric sandbox classic. An announcement trailer broke the news to the world, and believe it or not, there are already quite a few details about the game available now.

Is there a trailer for Minecraft Legends?

The announcement trailer for "Minecraft Legends" kicks off as a narrator announces that "legends hold great power," nodding to the game's title. The storybook the villager is reading comes to life as a lush, green landscape fills the screen and the narrator speaks of peace and tranquility. Just as another villager is stopping to smell the roses, a dark cloud approaches.


Things have clearly taken a turn, as some piglins emerge from purple portals and the narrator alludes to the end of the world. Some flying fairly-like creatures take the spotlight as the theme of hope is discussed. Next comes a look at the vast open world of "Minecraft: Legends," including grassy, snowy, and other scenic terrains, as the narrator announces that "this is the story of a united Overworld."

The fourth wall breaks as the trailer brings fans back to the storybook graphic from the trailer's intro, and the narrator shares that the world will be united by you. A character on horseback explores more of the open world, building and navigating through various landscapes until the title screen appears. All in all, it's a pretty exciting first look at this new era of "Minecraft."


When will Minecraft Legends be released?

As shared through the game's reveal trailer, "Minecraft Legends" will be releasing sometime in 2023. It seems likely that the team behind "Minecraft: Legends" will pin down a release date, or at least a more specific window, as anticipation for the game builds. In addition to a release window, "Minecraft: Legends" hopefuls can rest assured the game will be available on their console of choice. As listed at the end of the trailer, the title will be available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.


Finally, another key piece of info shared, along with the release date, was the fact that the game is being developed as part of a collaboration with Blackbird Interactive. Given the company's history of success in the strategy game sphere, Blackbird seems like a perfect fit for this new take on "Minecraft." There's also the fact that Blackbird Interactive already worked on "Minecraft Earth." Though that title has since been discontinued, fans who played it likely know that "Legends" is in good hands.

What will gameplay be like in Minecraft Legends?

As teased in the trailer, the basic plot of "Minecraft Legends" involves players uniting the Overworld to fight back against the invading piglins. Like "Minecraft" itself, "Minecraft: Legends" will take place in an open world environment, one described as "a familiar yet mysterious land, full of diverse life, lush biomes, and rich resources." The strategy element includes banding together allies from across the land to form a party strong enough to take on the piglins, along with other traditional RTS elements.


It will be interesting to see what other strategic decisions players can make. And since "Minecraft Legends" is also billed as an action title, players could potentially have a direct role in combat as well, though that remains to be seen. It has been confirmed that mobs from the original "Minecraft" will be included, so regardless of the direction "Legends" takes, it'll offer some well-known elements. Players may be excited to learn that "Minecraft: Legends" will also include both online campaign co-op and competitive multiplayer options.