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Diablo Immortal: How To Farm Legendary Gear

Based on reviews from critics, "Diablo Immortal" isn't necessarily a bad game. Considering all the potential pitfalls that could have come as a result of being optimized for mobile devices, the latest release from Blizzard Entertainment manages to translate the classic dungeon-crawling gameplay the "Diablo" series has become synonymous with over the years. In that regard, players can expect the traditional "Diablo" experience upon installing the free-to-play MMO on either their mobile devices or on PC


Unfortunately, the same can't be said of the progression system in "Diablo Immortal." Due to the game's abundance when it comes to microtransactions and loot boxes, many have deduced that "Diablo Immortal" is a pay-to-win title requiring players to dump an exorbitant amount of cash into it to remain competitive past a certain part. Because of this, players will have to get creative when it comes to acquiring valuable Legendary items for their characters, an important task considering this gear is important when it comes to equipment slots. But what's the best way to do this? Here's how to farm Legendary Gear in "Diablo Immortal."

Difficulty settings, Bounties, and Elder Rift runs

Typically, a game's difficulty effects the gameplay experience and how hardened one's enemies will be. In "Diablo Immortal," however, it's much more important than that. Depending on what option players choose, the drop rate for Legendary Gear varies. For example, on Hell 1 (the lowest difficulty), Legendary items are much more rare. On Hell 4 (the hardest difficulty), drop rates are much more generous. If you can handle the increased challenge, crank up the in-game difficulty to Hell 4 if you want as many opportunities to collect valuable items as possible.


Another useful way to collect Legendary Gear is finishing in-game tasks, such as participating in Zone Events completing Bounties. Players might also find it useful to farm Elder Rifts with a group of players. The entrance to the Elder Rift can be found in Westmarch and when in it, you and your squad will battle randomized hordes of enemies. If your team is quick, you can complete each Elder Rift run in under 5 minutes and accrue a bunch of items in a little under an hour.

Using all of these methods in tandem should allow players to quickly and efficiently stock up on Legendary Gear.